I am a walking sleep deprived tired zombi! Yesterday was really hectic. I had an office meeting at 7am and that means getting up earlier than usual and having to get ready while tip toeing around the room so as not to make any sounds that would cause Rhys to wake up. The thing is once he wakes up, my getting ready time doubles. Instead of 20 minutes, it becomes 40 minutes because we have to have a morning chat and a bit of playing, then he has to be hidden before I leave because a crying session can erupt when I am leaving… basically a lot of drama. Unfortunately, he did wake up yesterday morning and yet I needed to run out to make in time for that meeting. Luckily the delay was not so bad and was in time.

What made the day hectic, besides being the usual high work load, is that we had an evening work dinner/ gala. When we were told about this dinner, a workmate actually did say it was going to be unfunny as it was going to be a long day with work related stuff and she was right. Luckily, she has today off while some of us have work. Well the gala ended late so I get home late and low and behold, my young man is so awake. By 2am we are finally in bed ad he is still wanting to play meanwhile I am dying of sleep. Children. Well we had loads of fun with food, dancing, awards and Fat Boy.

Now you hear about the “terrible twos” but don’t think it is as bad as people say. Rhys isn’t yet 2 (he’s 23 months, i love confusing the mathematically challenged with this months business) but he is already displaying the signs. He loves the teletubbies show, introduced to him by his aunt. She brought home a dvd of it for him and now everytime he sees the dvd player, he is like oh oh, something the teletubbies say a lot. I couldn’t stand that show but now I am a pro courtesy of my son. I can tell you all the colours, names, who follows who, even have had the debate that the green one is actually black…. tis so sad. We have watched that dvd so much that we can actually sing along. Now if he asks for it and you are busy watching something intense like Lost, a serious tantrum of falling on the floor and screaming his heart out will follow so you can forget all about your show and watch oh oh. Goodness me.


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