Yesterday there was drama at the home, specifically in the compound.

Our neighbours have a son, Grey, who is more or less my boy’s age, about 6 months older than Rhys. They usually play together but with close supervision by Grey’s older siblings or our househelp Rose.

Now yesterday Rose wasn’t around and therefore Rhys was at home with only his Kaka (not the footballer, his grnadma) so she lets him out to play and Grey comes to join his friend. For soem time they are playing nice, kicking the ball to each other and chasing one another.

Then all not so good breaks loose! My young man decides he wants to throw the ball around while Grey is holding the ball telling him to walk back a distance so that he can kick the ball to him. Rhys decides he will have his by all means necessary and despite Grey being older, Rhys is bigger and definately stronger (Kikiga power, need I say more?). Well mister starts pushing and pulling the boy in an area of the compound where there are some large stones which Grey could fall on and seriously get hurt. Now imagine the misery of the grandmas who are the only adults around at the precise moment and yet the boys are far away from them. Can you imagine them trying to run fast to prevent the catastrophe!

Well blessedly, the Lord wisely intervened by giving Grey the thought of inlicting some pain on Rhys to cause him to let go and so he bit one of my young man’s fingers, of which I guess the pain and shock of it caused him to release him.

At that point in time, you don’t think that it’s funny but I found it hilarious.


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