This and That

The other day, was heading home in a taxi at about 22.00hrs (10pm for the lay man like Tandra… hahaha) and usually I am listening to the ipod while reading a book so hardly take notice of the other passengers in the taxi…

But this evening, I decided to look up and low and behold, all I see are men men and more men. I was the only female in there!

Some years back, we had a problem with thieves getting into taxis in the park and then stopping it and robbing the pasengers dry, left only in their underwear. I thought of that when I was in the taxi at that point. That is like a horror story for me.

Misery is being robbed blind in a taxi on your way home…. Beyond misery is being robbed and left in only your underwear. And now I can see people asking, is there a problem with her underwear? Hmmm….


Rhys is amazing. The young man is already technologically gifted. When he stays alone with Kaka, and is watching Teletubbies, he sometimes gets to the DVD player and switches it off. Now his Kaka don’t know how to operate that machine so it either stays off or he waits until another family member appears to his rescue.

So the other day he switched it off and then looks at Kaka who assures him that he is so on his own. The young man first made some of his usual protests that comes with being a 2 year old and then he calmed down and thought…. got the remote and promptly switched it back on. I guess remembering what is usually done in such circumstances.

That’s my boy… NASA hear we come!

By Sybella Posted in Life

2 comments on “This and That

  1. hmm… i sense a haaaater in the house!! Not even sense, u got hater written all over u but tis okay, we love u just as u are 😀

    Gwe, at Nasa they will only allow rhys in, dont think they let the mothers in. U cramp his style, hello!! 😀

  2. so,
    is there a prob with your ..



    let the boy walk before he can run Sy..
    but hey that is some potential..

    but then again, Kaka is not really tech-savvy is she??

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