Sweet tooth… dentists!

At what age do children start dipping into the sugar bowl for that sweetness?

Rhys has started already at only 25 months! Is this an indication of him having a sweet tooth? Is it cause for worry? He seems a bit young to be starting this early in his young life. And he is a boy!

I don’t know many guys who have a sweet tooth… actually can’t really think of one right now. The occassional slice of black forest cake for them yes or chocolate sprinkled doughnut, but guys…. at least that I know… do not really love the sweet stuff like some of us babes do. The thought of chocolate…. I’ve actually lost my train of thought. Chocolate, God bless the woman (has to be  a woman) who invented it! Oh and white chocolate, is not chocolate, its just a sweet without cocoa.

My father used to pamper me so hard, I was his princess and one of things he used to love to buy for me was chocolate. Not one or two bars but a whole box of chocolate almost everyday. With my sweet tooth, I would never complain, just enjoy to the fill with my friends in the neighbourhood. We had a kind of gang that I used to lead with a boy called Makopa… the good old days. But that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, as a result of the chocolate indulgence, I used to have to see the dentist alot. Too much for me to the point that I considered it enough for my lifetime. So I decided to take good care of my teeth, which are one of my best assets and haven’t had a reason to go see a dentist in over 10 years.

Unfortunately, a growing wisdom tooth with some gum interference caused that good record to end. Going to see the dentist was horrid horrid HORRID! As much as the dentist was really nice and we were having good conversation, the bad memories I always had were right on point. At the end of it all, he tells me I had been a good patient because I didn’t cry! Right!

I wouldn’t like Rhys to have to go through those dentist ‘issues’, so will have to try to keep this sugar licking in check. Don’t want to have a ‘sweet’ addict.

Unless the sweet is me… 

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