A big number of people who meet me and find out about Rhys say I don’t look like a mother… Question is, is that a compliment or a diss?

And what are mothers supposed to look like? 



Scandalized so early in the morning!

I was in a taxi on my way to work at 7 something and when a smart looking babe sits next to me… looking like she was also headed to work. Listening to ‘Who Makes You Feel’, Dido (love her music) when this neighbour pulls out a roll on deodrant from her bag. 

Was like, okay… maybe she’s just going to look at it, examining to see if she got the right one or something. But no, she promptly removed the lid and did the unthinkable. Applied it to her armpits!


Guess I should be thankful that it wasn’t a spray that she would have attempted to use and distributed to the whole taxi, killing some of our noses in the process.



Watched Rhys sleep today morning, his sweet face right next to mine… reminded me of our first night together. He was born at 8.15pm… there was a clock in the delivery room so I was able to tell. I spent that whole night awake just looking at him in wonder, the wonder that the Lord can bless one so much with such a precious bundle who He has put forever in your care…

It is trully humbling to be entrusted by God with an innocent child to care for, guide, nurture, look out for, make sure he follows the right path in life.

My friends and colleagues say that whenever I speak about him, my eyes shine and my whole demeanor kind of lights up… maybe its normal for all mothers. Or is it the 1st borne syndrome?