Watched Rhys sleep today morning, his sweet face right next to mine… reminded me of our first night together. He was born at 8.15pm… there was a clock in the delivery room so I was able to tell. I spent that whole night awake just looking at him in wonder, the wonder that the Lord can bless one so much with such a precious bundle who He has put forever in your care…

It is trully humbling to be entrusted by God with an innocent child to care for, guide, nurture, look out for, make sure he follows the right path in life.

My friends and colleagues say that whenever I speak about him, my eyes shine and my whole demeanor kind of lights up… maybe its normal for all mothers. Or is it the 1st borne syndrome?


8 comments on “Ramblings…

  1. eh mama…can i borrow rhys??? have to get intouch with my maternal side..suspect it packed up and moved out!!
    err..maybe i shdnt have mentioned that last part 😀

  2. Came over from Iwaya’s place (he calls you his sun).
    I so relate to this post. Somebody said there’s a lot of amaalo the first time and that you can tell from the names parents give their first born children.

  3. just like minty, iwaya showed us to his ‘sun’. and i see why.

    i can feel the love in that post. can’t say anything coz i haven’t had the pleasure of
    fathering but it tugged at my heart…. “It is trully humbling to be entrusted by God with an innocent child to care for…”

  4. @Minty… welcome. didn’t know about that maalo.

    @Tandra… we shall wait for your first child’s name, maybe ‘Shaniqualarina’… and that would be for a boy!

    @Modoathii… karibu. you will so understand the feeling one day and will love it.

    @Ed… welcome & thank you. you will find her one day, just hope you will be able to recognize that she’s the one.

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