A big number of people who meet me and find out about Rhys say I don’t look like a mother… Question is, is that a compliment or a diss?

And what are mothers supposed to look like? 


7 comments on “Pondering

  1. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.

    People who are not yet parents, yet make sweeping statements about parenthood are very annoying. They should be slapped in the face with a Pamper full of poo.

    If it was a guy who said it, it was meant to be a compliment. If it was a chick, it was a veiled diss.

  2. LOL! i’m guilty for commenting thus…but as petesmama says, it’s always as a compliment. meaning you must really take care of your body to warrant such ‘compliments’.

    oh and do have a merry christmas and a fab new year!

  3. @PetesMomz
    Evidently, you should know as well huh!!

    Thoughtful Indeed….
    Guess u must be acting younger than you seem…

    Or there’s a front

    Better still, the peeps saying it are kinda “ignorant” unlike u and PetesMomz

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