The year that was…

With the begining of a new year, there is a tendency to look back on the past 365 days and basically reflect on all that happened. In my case, I will more or less reflect on the highlights of my boy’s life and growth. These are a few:

One day I got home so tired and just threw my body in the nearest sofa in the living room as soon as I got in. Rhys comes running, “Mommy, Mommy…” and then a torrent of baby talk and some words one can understand starts to pour his little heart out about his day. So we started having our usual evening kabozi. After a short while, he suddenly picked up my shoes and disappeared to the corridor and to our bedroom with them. Started calling him back, asking him what he was doing but he continued on so we let him be to see what he was going to do. A couple of seconds later, he came back with my house sandals and put them at my feet for me to wear. We were so surprised. I was touched, my boy cares about his mama.

The day he first called me Mommy, I felt so proud. It still actually amazes me almost everytime he says it. And when he really wants my attention, he will sit on my lap and put his hands on both sides of my face, directly looking at me then start,

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy… tis dirty on the floor.” translation, there is an ant or insect on the floor.

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy… tis fafa. Mommy fafa.” translation, I would like a wafer.

Rhys is a such a joy, I can’t imagine life without him.

Another of the highlights is his ever changing smile because of the increase of his teeth number. He got his first teeth really early, at 4 months (so you can imagine how much “fun” it made breast feeding). Well a friend of his, Malik, who is 4 months older than him had like only 4 teeth when he was 1 and Rhys already had like 8 at about the same time when he was 8 months old. Right now, he has 18 teeth! Yes, my boy is very special.   


6 comments on “The year that was…

  1. hahahhahaha…hater B2B…pure hater!!!

    kati madam, how often do u b counting the teeth? the images flashin…((painful)).

    dont hate on Malik…he can speak swa!

    Your boi makes up for some other drama, dont he? he b a lucky lightie!

  2. Sybella, this post just made me so broody. And that is part of my new years’ resolution…not to think in those terms.

    Tandra and Magoo are so obssessed with firsties. We need to prescribe something for them.

  3. @Mr. B2B… hmmm….

    @Tandra… lol… u need to give up this lightie thing & ofcourse i count his teeth.

    @Candybox… welcome. interesting name.

    @Cheri… we definately need to give them something!

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