Making friends

Yesterday was my birthday and went out to celebrate at Mamba Point and Rhys was with us. Hadn’t actually been there before, we had a really good time…

Wait, i hear someone asking, “How old are you?”, wouldn’t you like to know! Anyway, I am now 26 and the most amazing thing is that I am content. I actually realized that yesterday; grateful to God for my family, friends, a good job and got an un-expected promotion earlier this year (business cards are changing to show manager…. oooooh, it seems so unreal!) but most especially my wonderful boy. The thing is, on my birthday, I tend to analyze my life so far, what I have achieved but most especially what is lacking, which usually takes precedence, didn’t really figure in my thoughts because it doesn’t really matter that much. I have way too much to be thankful to God for. My Bible reading for yesterday was my favourite Psalm, Chapter 139. Really encompasses everything.

Ok, back to where I started… have started wondering from the point like some people…

Now while at Mamba Point, Rhys made a friend. A couple came in after our group with their son, Victor who is 15 months. Surprisingly, throughout dinner, Rhys sat very well behaved and didn’t get into any mischief. After a while, guess he was getting bored so he decided to walk around.  While adventuring, he saw Victor and their eyes met! They first ‘eyed’ each other like two cowboys waiting for the other to make a move. Then after a while, become bussom buddies, following each other around, sharing bread sticks and the like. It was sweet, even Victor’s parents were amused. So my boy has started making international friends, Victor be half English and half Italian, oba what be the big difference coz he basically be white.

He also learnt something knew yestersay, toasting! As in with glasses and the whole cheers thing. And he kept on doing the clinking of glasses (although he had a plastic cup), it was sweet.

All in all, it was a really good day.


10 comments on “Making friends

  1. That’s it, im about to reclaim my sockies title..just you wait..26?a mommy? my chances just broke like biscuit on the jagged edges of reality(like in the mouth of a 4 year old)

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. may you have many more with blessings galore.

    yeah, beauty of kids, it was friendship at first sight…and i love how they walk everywhere, exploring together…awesome.

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