Taking things for granted…

Yesterday evening, I left the office late, decided to walk to town since the traffic jam was for world cup to meet a friend. Saw a nice looking babe in a lovely oufit and was appreciating her whole look when I noticed that I couldn’t see her right arm and just thought that maybe she had put it behind her back while talking to the dude she was with. On further “inspection”, saw that the sleeve was tucked into her blouse because she didn’t have a right arm!

Quite frankly, there could have been a number of things that caused hat but my first thought was that she was probably born that way.

When I was expecting Rhys, I watched on the news a piece about a couple appealing for financial assistance because they had had a child with no limbs whatsoever. My heart beat went into overdrive at that point. What if my baby had the same problem. Serious prayer ensued. This actually freaked me out so hard to the point that when Rhys was born, I asked if he had all his limbs, with all the fingers and toes then asked about the sex… of the baby that is (Iwaya can tell that your mind had started straying…).

Seeing that lady just reminded me of all this and made me realise that we really take a lot for granted… that everyone shall have a fully functioning body with all senses… that the sun will come out tomorrow… that we have good clohtes to wear (not so sure about you Mr. B2B)… that there is food on the table all day… that we can have a shower and live in clean homes… which reminds me…

Was on my way to work some time last week, walking again (banange I need a sweet ride, like a cute VW Beetle, like the one in The Mexican)… anyway, saw a lady who was sells newspapers, sweets, groundnuts and the like on the sidewalk giving her baby a bath right there on the street! The kid was sitting on a newspaper, had soap all over her and there was a guy standing next to the chick with a 500ml water bottle, I guess helping with the bath. I was speechless, thought it was a real kodak moment but some of us, unlike Iwaya and Tumwi, don’t walk around with cameras. But seriously, WTF! Poor child is being given a bath on the bloody street! I don’t even want to imagine what the rest of her life will be like… will it get better or will that set the pattern of her life?


9 comments on “Taking things for granted…

  1. okay, been reading your blogs sana and many other ugandan ones, and i have one question, what’s ‘banange’? help me chase my ignorance (i’ll help you with the swa)

    there’s a lot to be thankful for indeed.

  2. BANANGE!!!

    I am in two consecutive postings, first Tandra…
    now Sy…


    Anyways, we do have a lot of things to be thankful for…
    Clothes too Sy…
    bbut more so the things that make you say Thank you to the giver..

    Like this post…
    Thank you!

    and about the freaking out…

  3. ayah!!! my mouth went blah, strange things we do and take for granted. peace for that advice make sure my great grandchildren with take every moment like a race to win

  4. “Banange”, and “munange” are one of those words hard to explain out of context. (i think). they mean different things in different sentences, kind of like your “hebu” and “athii”.
    have i tried to help?

    Sy, that is a very sad story.

  5. Insightful I must say….its like how we complain about work and how our bosses are treating us and yet there are people more qualified than we are who are out of work!

    As for “banange/ munange”- the latter I find is more personal-commenting on something thoughtful while the former more like – I think…..and it is an exclamation from the land of us Kiganda skunks….so I should know..sssshhhffffffffff

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