In order for a man to have sex, he has to be aroused, right? And this can only happen when something has gotten him “excited”, that he has seen, felt, imagined to make him “happy”, right?

My question is, is it possible for an adult man to be raped by a woman?

Seriously, does such a concept really exist?


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  1. hmmm…I’ve wondered about this since I heard that Pangani story…I also don’t get it…unless you’re talking of sodomy…coz a woman can’t rape a man..right??

    had this conversation with a pal once..her bf said its rape if the man doesn’t want to have sex..does it coz he’s aroused…case of body versus mind..(hmm..still puzzling this one out)

  2. More sex! Yay.

    Yeah, rape can happen to guys. Or, at least, I hope it can. My wildest sexual fantasy involves being raped by all the women in the world. Forever. 😀 You asked, didn’t you?

    Sorry. Had to. 🙂

  3. @27th-C
    You must be joking!
    have you ever been “excited” and not er been “raped” before?
    or not gone ahead and had er sex…

    guess it’s a really Hott_Season!

    Well, about the mind/body/sex drama…
    a lot of the time, when a guy is feeling sorta moody, and his er “other-half” wants to do the monkey-business, she willnotice afterwards that it was either lack-luster, sorry, lack-lustre or extremely intense…

    i can go on and on, but hey this ain’t my joint…

    do a blog about it and i will No_Doubt comment!

    My_Take, is that a chap can’t be raped…. nuff sed…

  4. A guy CAN be raped. All you have to do is tie him down, strip slloooowwwwlllyyy, and watch him get ‘happy’ and then ride him.
    Ooops, did i say bad things? Sorry, no more bad manners 🙂

  5. The unanswerable question …

    I wish more h/sapiens with the necessary anatomy could answer this for us.

    The law doesn’t refer to it as ‘rape’, but molestation (if it’s between a man and a woman). I think that while it isn’t as invasive, it is still a violent assault on the body and mind.

    And it is very, very wrong.

  6. Me, I watched a Ki-Nigeria where a man was raped!????! He even told his fiance` that he had been raped and she was sorry for him………
    I know that rape is involuntary sexual intercouse (yeah-that’s what I learnt in class)-it does not matter whether the body is willing to be a part of it-if the individual is coerced in any way to have sex, they are being raped…..isn’t this the reasoning behind marital rape?

  7. People, people… SMDH (shaking my damned head)

    Rape is not about sex. Rape is violent and is about exerting power over the rape victim.

    The most atrocious thing I find with our african culture is that we think men ALWAYS want to have sex with whomever whenever. That is a lie. Men have said no.

    Physical arousal should not be the only indicator that someone wants to have sex. If the person says no, then it is a no.

    For pervs like 27th (much luv! 🙂 ) the idea of having women strip them of power to have sex with them is still consensual, they allow themselves to be put in that situation and therefore it is NOT rape.

    Do not be deceived, the rape victim is left feeling worthless, powerless and completely violated. It is not a good feeling. Man and woman end up with the exact same feelings!

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