Having the Right Image on the Inside…

Some inspiration from one of my favourite Pastors…

     Having the Right Image on the Inside

Did you know that how you see yourself determines what kind of life you going to live? Too many people go around with low self-esteem and a poor self-image. Society has a way of conditioning people to lose through failures, rejection, and past mistakes. Don’t let society distort the true image of who you really are, you were born to win! You were created for more than just average. You were created for more than just barely getting by. God created you in His own image! You have the blood of a champion on the inside! You didn’t come from ordinary stock. You came from the best of the best. God breathed His life into you and you have His royal blood flowing through your veins. He has equipped you with everything you need to succeed. You can overcome any obstacle and accomplish every goal in your heart because you have the DNA of Almighty God! No matter where you are, no matter what you’ve done, nothing can change your DNA. If you’ll develop the right image on the inside and see yourself as a champion, God says you will become what you believe and you will live the life of victory He has in store for you!


                                                                                        Joel Osteen



I love comic books. Not fanatically like Dante but I used to have my moments, would sit with fellow comic buffs and discuss the intricacies of why Onslaught is not exactly a villain and ofcourse who are our favourites.

As a result, we also used to discuss which powers we would like to have. I wanted to be like Jean Grey… oba more like the Phoenix… ate Cyclops was her guy too, just perfect. Anyway, the ability to move things with her mind and get into someone’s brain as an attack mechanism was just so dope. I would so use it against punks who say idiotic things to babes, I hear ‘oli sizi yange’ or touching your butt, sizzle their little brains to almost emptiness. And then all y’all who litter the streets like one can’t keep that piece of scrap until they get to a dust bin that are now provided all over the city, would have something to fear.

For sometime now, haven’t had the time to seriously read comic books, magazines and novels like I used to. Have to either do it away from Rhys or when he is sleeping or else, he will take a serious interest in whatever it is you are reading and you ust might end up with half, quarter pages… These days, it takes me like a month to finish a 350 paged book that normally would have finished in 2 days maximum… its embarassing. If some of my former schoolmates knew this, they would be in shock. My reading was so bad that even during CANTAB (final exams to you Candybox, Modo and Valentia), instead of cracking away at Biology, I would be hooked on a novel. It was euphoric…

The amazing thing is that, like me and basically the majority of my family, Rhys is also an avid reader… okay, not sure if reader is the right term for him. But he can actually tell if a book is upside down so we should at least acknowledge that and let him graduate to reader. The majority of his books, made of thick and hard pages, also end up in pieces at some point though because it seems he gets bored with them and this is his way of assuring you that better style up and get new ones… Will definately get more and more books for him, get him very knowledgable earlier than the usual… again I say, NASA here we come!

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Tagging business…

Was tagged by Candybox, Mr. B2B and Kissyfur, surprised by her…. Anyhu, this was kind of hard for me, here goes something I guess…

  • I used to be a tomboy, still have a lot of it in me. Do not like wearing skirts, loath wearing dresses… don’t think I look good in them in any case. So it will be a rare occassion to ‘land on me’ wearing one. Although he really loves it when I do… especially a short one. At uni, peeps thought I used to hide my legs coz they were ugly so when we had a trip and I unleashed them in some shorts, guys were like mesmerized… yes, I know, some parts of me are supposedly hot.
  • I am a real Daddy’s girl, or should I say was. Doing stuff together all the time… I would dot on him and I was his princess. To make matters worse, I am the last born so he spoilt me rotten. I look like both my parents but more like him… sometimes looking at his pics starts the water works and yet unlike most babes, I don’t cry just anyhow. Rhys really looks like him, sometimes its uncanny. I wish they had gotten the chance to know each other, would have loved each other to bits.
  • I love cats so one can understand why I have beef with the movie Cats And Dogs, even if I enjoyed it. Console, that was a movie, in real life, cats would totally kick the dogs butt.
  • Friendship is very important to me. In my case, a lot of times, the water is way way thicker than the blood. The trust, loyalty, commitment and love shared with my friends is something really valued, so when one of my close friends screws it up because of some nonsense like a man, it really really hurts. Don’t have a best friend but a number of very close friends… not into that best friend drama but if ever I was to have one, it would be her (she is so going to deny me… sigh).
  • I love music. Not all types are my thing, can’t stand country music and the majority of reggae. When I am upset, tired or in a stressed out mood and my soul needs some soothing, music would be the obvious choice for me. When I was at school and had to read for exams or do some form of school work, concentration would be best when listening to music. The invention of the ipod was like the best thing ever for this decade… as for the iphone, I am speechless!  
  • I am a moderate cook but a superb baker, chocolate cake anyone?

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