Tagging business…

Was tagged by Candybox, Mr. B2B and Kissyfur, surprised by her…. Anyhu, this was kind of hard for me, here goes something I guess…

  • I used to be a tomboy, still have a lot of it in me. Do not like wearing skirts, loath wearing dresses… don’t think I look good in them in any case. So it will be a rare occassion to ‘land on me’ wearing one. Although he really loves it when I do… especially a short one. At uni, peeps thought I used to hide my legs coz they were ugly so when we had a trip and I unleashed them in some shorts, guys were like mesmerized… yes, I know, some parts of me are supposedly hot.
  • I am a real Daddy’s girl, or should I say was. Doing stuff together all the time… I would dot on him and I was his princess. To make matters worse, I am the last born so he spoilt me rotten. I look like both my parents but more like him… sometimes looking at his pics starts the water works and yet unlike most babes, I don’t cry just anyhow. Rhys really looks like him, sometimes its uncanny. I wish they had gotten the chance to know each other, would have loved each other to bits.
  • I love cats so one can understand why I have beef with the movie Cats And Dogs, even if I enjoyed it. Console, that was a movie, in real life, cats would totally kick the dogs butt.
  • Friendship is very important to me. In my case, a lot of times, the water is way way thicker than the blood. The trust, loyalty, commitment and love shared with my friends is something really valued, so when one of my close friends screws it up because of some nonsense like a man, it really really hurts. Don’t have a best friend but a number of very close friends… not into that best friend drama but if ever I was to have one, it would be her (she is so going to deny me… sigh).
  • I love music. Not all types are my thing, can’t stand country music and the majority of reggae. When I am upset, tired or in a stressed out mood and my soul needs some soothing, music would be the obvious choice for me. When I was at school and had to read for exams or do some form of school work, concentration would be best when listening to music. The invention of the ipod was like the best thing ever for this decade… as for the iphone, I am speechless!  
  • I am a moderate cook but a superb baker, chocolate cake anyone?

And I hand the mantle over to Kiganda skunk, Kwesiga, Heaven, JasmineFoxxy Lamb and Firmgal.

The rules… do I really need to? Ok, here goes…

  1. Link back to your tagger.
  2. Post these rules in your submission.
  3. Share six things/habit/quirks/whatever about you in your submission.
  4. Tag six random people at the end of it.
  5. Tell each taggee via comments thathe/she has been tagged.

9 comments on “Tagging business…

  1. must i play tag? please say “no”.

    1: yeah! w’sup with assuming someone’s got bad legs just coz they like to wear trousers? must we show off all the beautiful things we have? at that rate we’d walk around naked!

    2: Daddy’s girls R.O.C.K!

    3: Dogs R.U.L.E.

    4: Friendship’s cool but the blood my side of town rocks! i know, i am lucky!

    5: Ipod yajja yajja!

    6: Baking is the one ‘talent’ God refused to give me. a few imperfections make me human so i won’t complain.

    hey, i just played tag!

  2. Wamma bestie..wont deny u… tho tho touched!
    Now to copy jas….

    1. no dont think u r a tomboy…u just like to tie on kewl people.. the legs… l.i.g…. lemmme not finish
    2. Hug
    3. tis a pity some gudu is as if afraid of them
    4. 5…..hmmmm
    6. when can me turn up????

  3. hey girl, hope u r good. kati i dont understand the tagging plus mr b2b just didnt rate me in the awards, so am sour a bit atleast in best new comer, i would fit perfectly. am a daddy’s girl myself. have tiny bow shaped legs, but since i dont have an appointment with the almighty for a new set, i show them off like my life depends on it. take care. holla back

  4. Won’t give anyone food poisoning, but i hate the kitchen. So when can i move in with you? But i dont do pets and im assuming you have one lingering in your house……lol.

  5. You can bake? I’m payin attention to whatever you say..I love cake..I love pastries..the best things in life are baked goodies..well some of the things..

    Ipod? Over-rated, Over-hyped..

    Ipone? Ugly..Bricky…Have you seen the Samsung Armani? You will drop the Iphone like it was hot mulokony!!

  6. Hard for you huh!
    You made it look like a piece of cake…

    Legs, yeah! i like
    Daddy’s Girl er….
    Cats, no comment
    Music… No Doubt we are in the same drama!
    i feel your drama too about the “friend” – ship…

  7. HALAAA! i thought i had commented here? aw well, seems i hadn’t.


    i’m also a valuer of friendship, and losing a pal is indeed troubling.

    i love music, though interesting enough you’ll find me listening and dancing to the ones in my head, rather than on a music system. can’t explain. madness perhaps.

    bring on da cake!

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