Tewible Twos

Yes, Rhys is now displaying the symptoms of the tewible twos in full blast. Banange, tis tight. We had hoped that he would skip this stage, what with him being a special and exceptional baby. You doubt that, well I have some bits of evidence…


Rhys never did the whole cry baby drama, ever. When he was really young, after his usual naps during the day or at night, he wouldn’t alert the whole world that his awake with screams. Instead, he would suck his finger, waiting patiently and trusting that we would know and get him out of bed. We would actually be able to hear that sound using the baby monitor (yes we are cool like that). Anyway, it was always amazing that he would do that. Before he was born, I used to worry that he would keep the whole household awake with his cries especially at night like most babies but he never did.


Mister got his teeth when he was just four months and practically a full denture by 10 months (I think I’ve mentioned this before). Yes, I know, that smile now is a killer, my boy is soooooo cute. Okay need to focus…. ah yes…


He pees while standing all the time like a real man. Tell me of another baby boy his age or younger who does the same… I dare you… He is special!


But this twos drama is just crazy. Supposedly he is asserting himself and all that but banange… Hitting peeps, biting, kicking like you are one of his footballs and much more. Then every question he is asked ends with a resounding, NO! Tantrums when he doesn’t get his way… these are the times when one wishes for a time machine, forward to the time when he is at least 5… just to be on the safe side; cute and manageable.


In unrelated stuff, when writing this, I was listening to Seven Seas by Babyface… such beautiful lyrics… and I realised that I am such a sucker for beautiful words. No wonder all those boys (now men, mbu!) who would send applicas, (or is it applikes) never did impress moi with such blaze unmoving words,  sijuyi, I will love you until Lake Victoria dries… WHAT?! Too bad I never kept any of them, would have been lovely to show the world a few of them… Ladies, do any of you have some to share, Tumwi?


Letting things be….

Ignorance is bliss, right?


Relationships can really be complicated at times. After reading Silvia’s post, I wondered if I ever did this would I actually tell him? I am naturally really a private person and practically border on secretive. Although with him, a lot tends to tumble out but still, there is some stuff I keep to myself.


Like I don’t think he would want to be hearing about how one of his close friends seriously hit on me and keeps on rambling about how he wishes that we had met before and that Rhys was his son… yes his supposed close friend was drunk at the time but isn’t this when the truth comes out with no inhibitions or the conscience telling you, “shut your mouth!”.


Seriously, does he need to know that drama? And kill that friendship that started when they were in Kampala Parent’s School?


Don’t get me wrong, faithfulness is extremely important, without it, the relationship crumbles but sometimes I really do think ignorance is bliss. Just let some things be…

God loves ugly…

You said that I wasn’t pretty
So I just believed you
And you said that I wasn’t special
So I lived that way
With critical gazes and brutal amazement
And how my reflection could be so imperfect
With all of my blemishes, how could somebody want me?

But God loves ugly
He doesn’t see the way I see
Oh God takes ugly
And turns it into to something that is beautiful
Apparently I’m beautiful
Cause You love me

I tried to clean up the outside
All shiny and new
Worked over time to thin up and look right
But inside I knew
That deep in the bottom were secrets I thought I could try to ignore
Old ghosts in my corridors
Never get tired of haunting the past that’s in me

But God loves ugly
He doesn’t see the way I see
Oh God takes ugly
And turns it into to something that is beautiful
Apparently I’m beautiful
Cause You love me

Help me believe why You love me
When I know You see
You see everything
Help me believe why You love me
When I know You see
Inside and You still say I’m beautiful

You’re telling me I’m beautiful
You’re screaming out I’m beautiful
And I’m finding out I’m beautiful
You’re making me so beautiful
And I can see I’m beautiful
Cause You love me

                                                       God loves ugly, Jordin Sparks

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4, 4, 4 and some more 4…

Was tagged by him and her for this:



1.      Waitress at a restaurant

2.      Project Manager at a website designing firm

3.      Pastry chef

4.      Travel Agent



1.      Terminator 2

2.      Face/Off

3.      Prince of Egypt

4.      The Matrix, Speed and Ever After



1.      Kenya

2.      Uganda

3.      Uganda

4.      Uganda



1.      CSI

2.      Gilmore Girls

3.      Martin

4.      Alias



1.      Maseru, Lesotho

2.      Bloemfontein, South Africa

3.      Nairobi, Kenya

4.      Bwindi, Tanzania



1.      Pears

2.      Chocolate cake

3.      Green peas and mashed potatoes

4.      Pancakes, kabalagala and the English ones



1.      At home with Rhys ‘building’ a house with his legos while he tells me stories in his special way.

2.      Having an intellectual discussion with my father in his study.

3.      In a quiet and private place… in his arms.

4.      In a Victorian claw-foot bathtub filled with warm jasmine or apple scented bubbly water, with a glass of amarula and soothing music in the background… all candle lit.


Iwaya, Modo, Valentia, Jasmine and Petesmom, consider yourselves tagged


Reality, the other side to it…

Motherhood is not all the time an easy walk in a wonderfully scented rose garden. It can be really hard, taxing, draining, exhausting, frustrating, challenging… so much that I have considered so many times that I should have just one child. Just get my tubes cut, not tied as most ladies do so; cutting means there is no 0.0001% of getting pregnant again, its 100% full proof! He is definately no amused about this and he may have a good reason to…

Anyhu, one may be like, what the heck is she on about? Parenthood is the most wonderful and fulfilling job in the world but the reality is that it is not only that. It also entails un-selfishness (not a problem for me, comes naturally), constant lack of sleep (so an issue for me), hard work (kawa), prioritising and serious time input (sometimes an issue, interferance of work), patience (a problem at times)… that is basically a summary although there is much more.

So when you do finally decide to increase the population of the world, do remember that despite all the joy that comes with it, there is another side to it. 

My not  wanting to have more children is seriously bugging him. When my friends start asking mbu,

“Omuzako di?” (When are you going to have another child?)

and my reply is,

“How about never?!”

they are in shock and say,

“Omwana tebamuzala omu!” Direct translation, a child is not born alone.

But at the end of the day, they will not be there when the child wakes up at 2.30am when you had just put your head down at 1am and she wants to play until 6am when you have to get ready to go to work… and then doze at the office like its your proffession!

Or when the child is sick and the wonderful day comes when the child is well and being discharged from the hospital, you are presented with a bill that is just about 4 times your gross salary!

The thing is, I would love to have a cute little girl who looks like Rhys, dress her all in pink, braid her hair and do all the girly things. Besides that, Rhys loves babies. Its amazing, whenever we have a baby visiting at home, all his attention is focused on the baby. It is so sweet; he carries the baby, helps with the feeding and even gently soothes the baby in such a loving and protective way. I know that he will make a very good big brother for his siblings…

… but will he have any siblings?