Letting things be….

Ignorance is bliss, right?


Relationships can really be complicated at times. After reading Silvia’s post, I wondered if I ever did this would I actually tell him? I am naturally really a private person and practically border on secretive. Although with him, a lot tends to tumble out but still, there is some stuff I keep to myself.


Like I don’t think he would want to be hearing about how one of his close friends seriously hit on me and keeps on rambling about how he wishes that we had met before and that Rhys was his son… yes his supposed close friend was drunk at the time but isn’t this when the truth comes out with no inhibitions or the conscience telling you, “shut your mouth!”.


Seriously, does he need to know that drama? And kill that friendship that started when they were in Kampala Parent’s School?


Don’t get me wrong, faithfulness is extremely important, without it, the relationship crumbles but sometimes I really do think ignorance is bliss. Just let some things be…


10 comments on “Letting things be….

  1. i am not contradicting myself tandra… think you have read it when you are high!

    read it again… but slowly this time… or would you like me to translate it into runyankore?

  2. Hmmn
    Ignorance is bliss many a time…
    But there’s a time when some stuff does tumble out and makes stuff so much clearer…
    I wonder what he would say…

  3. I always believed in the bible sayin; the truth will set u free, I thought this meant tellin all but then I think I agree with you but in a modified way: somethings are better left unsaid(damn I wish I had known this before I told her about some of the escapades thinkin it was a new leaf to turn by tellin the truth!)

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