Tewible Twos

Yes, Rhys is now displaying the symptoms of the tewible twos in full blast. Banange, tis tight. We had hoped that he would skip this stage, what with him being a special and exceptional baby. You doubt that, well I have some bits of evidence…


Rhys never did the whole cry baby drama, ever. When he was really young, after his usual naps during the day or at night, he wouldn’t alert the whole world that his awake with screams. Instead, he would suck his finger, waiting patiently and trusting that we would know and get him out of bed. We would actually be able to hear that sound using the baby monitor (yes we are cool like that). Anyway, it was always amazing that he would do that. Before he was born, I used to worry that he would keep the whole household awake with his cries especially at night like most babies but he never did.


Mister got his teeth when he was just four months and practically a full denture by 10 months (I think I’ve mentioned this before). Yes, I know, that smile now is a killer, my boy is soooooo cute. Okay need to focus…. ah yes…


He pees while standing all the time like a real man. Tell me of another baby boy his age or younger who does the same… I dare you… He is special!


But this twos drama is just crazy. Supposedly he is asserting himself and all that but banange… Hitting peeps, biting, kicking like you are one of his footballs and much more. Then every question he is asked ends with a resounding, NO! Tantrums when he doesn’t get his way… these are the times when one wishes for a time machine, forward to the time when he is at least 5… just to be on the safe side; cute and manageable.


In unrelated stuff, when writing this, I was listening to Seven Seas by Babyface… such beautiful lyrics… and I realised that I am such a sucker for beautiful words. No wonder all those boys (now men, mbu!) who would send applicas, (or is it applikes) never did impress moi with such blaze unmoving words,  sijuyi, I will love you until Lake Victoria dries… WHAT?! Too bad I never kept any of them, would have been lovely to show the world a few of them… Ladies, do any of you have some to share, Tumwi?


15 comments on “Tewible Twos

  1. @3… maybe you can give some lessons…

    @princess… lol, but no

    @tandra… again, read the last line sssllllooowwwllly. i asked ladies, then put tumwi’s name… so do you have any?

  2. i soooo love that song. i remembre i used to sing it for my boyfie in 1999. i was only 15, but i had game. if i say so myself. well, when it came to really travelling the 7 seas for him, am afraid i could only do a river…

  3. awww….okie I’m feeling broody…he sounds adorable…but not for long..having a close girlfriend with all the pregnancy hurdles you can imagine puts those thoughts right out….its a phase Sybella…twill pass (unless he becomes like my baby sis..she’s still bullying and kicking past the 2 yr stage..oh dear)

  4. Not a lady but I’m the first born among 7 siblings and I know exactly what you mean. I have, on more than one occasion, bit back the urge to strangle a younger sibling. They go NUTS at that age when they’re asserting their newfound semi-independence.

  5. I thought that with civilisation babies stopped biting. During my time I was the real biter, of late not one kid has even gnawed on my arms when holding them.

  6. Ah, those terrible twos. Enjoy.

    I remember getting one or two stray “appliques”, but mostly unimpressive stuff and non-existent words and expressions.

    Like how are you smoking the atmospheric cosmogony? And thoughts of you overturn my mental and equilibrial stasis when I imagine you. etc etc

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