Here and there…

It is amazing how the simplest of the stuff we do everyday can cause so much joy and excitement for a child.

Brushing our teeth before we go to bed with Rhys is like some serious progi of the day! When going to the bathroom, he announces to anyone within the vicinity or who he runs into,

“Going to brush teeth.”


Then when he finishes, proudly declares to everyone,

“Is brushed teeth!”

and can proudly display them for you like some form of evidence.

He also loves to put the lids or covers of anything and everything, mostly kitchen stuff; the juice jug, flasks, pans, bottle lids… basically anything that can be covered. When he sees you in the process of handling any of them, he starts,

“I want to cover.”

and at times when I am really busy trying to get things done in a hurry, he uses his very special kryptonite…

“Mommy please.”

and how can I dare resist that.

These days, as soon as I walk into the house with migugu, he rushes towards me to help me carry the stuff. He’s growing to be such a helpful young man, let’s pray he stays that way all through out his adult life… be a real gentlemen unlike so so so many Ugandan men…   


11 comments on “Here and there…

  1. Don’t you wish we all stayed with the appreciation of little things that kids have? These days big ambitions cloud out the more-modest-but-important achievements. 😐
    Kids are born geniuses.

  2. Yes! These ungentlemanly Ugandan men who do not even bother with their appearance… you show them!

    Rhys for president! (eventually! 😀 )

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