I have put on weight! Tis seriously alarming. And the alarm for me went off today morning.

I usually prepare my outfits for the week on Sunday and basically reconfirm it the evening before, its a chick thing boys so I will so understand if you don’t get it. Anyhu, so decided to wear a ka cute top I bought last month with a skirt I haven’t worn in like forever. So get up, do the necessary and then adorn the top and low and behold, tis too small! I almot had a small heart attack! I had tried it on last month and it was fitting so well! (stop laughing tandra). Crap, crap, crap! At that point wanted to use a few swearing words, but as a good Christain have to refrain, even on the blog since it is Universal.

The thing is that my weight usually flactuates, put on some and then it comes off naturally without me having to go on a diet or hit the gym so hard. But of late it has just been piling on and not leaving at any point. When I mentioned this to two of my closest friends, they said that it was because I am happy. That got me thinking, does that mean that small peeps aiint happy?

Don’t think that that’s the reason I am putting on weight. We have been going out a lot, basically eating “rich” food and as much as it is fun, I think I will start ordering for salad or some drama like that. Oh the horror…

I have never really stressed concerning my weight but now it seems like its a bit too much. The diet drama, no thank you. The solution will most likely be exercising but it really is not any fun… maybe dancing…

Anyone have a fast and painless solution for me?  


19 comments on “Weight!

  1. Happy huh!

    try eating more fruits and roughages sorta thingies…
    Pears, greens, salads, and the like…
    oh, how much exactly did the scale say this time?

  2. Me, I stopped fussing. I figured I will exercise and eat right and if the weight refuses to go, I’ll embrace it. With the weight come curves in really interesting places … nudge nudge, wink wink.

  3. Someone is happy! Believe me, that is the reason.

    Wacha diet, just do what you always do and don’t sweat it. I don’tt hink there is any fast and painless way. They say don’t eat meat – but for me that is pain.

  4. @Mr.B2B… you beat her to it by a few minutes. Congs! i will try with the fruits but then can’t be ordering for that at restaurants all the time.

    @tandra… there is always one even in the real world, though it might be costly.

    @tumwi… what weight? the pics i have seen of you, you look good… a real beauty

    @petesmama… lol… u also think happy? hmmm… not eating meat is not a problem for me.

  5. I’ve also been told ati when you’re happy you put on weight..tis what my mummy says anyhu.. but that doesn’t really help does it?? Does that mean one needs to be unhappy to lose weight? Me I dunno.

  6. oh..I realise we’re supposed to put forth suggestions..but yeah..struggling with weighty issues meself..so errmm..just going to watch this post for some answers 🙂

  7. Mom with her GNLD theories would say eat more fruits & vegetables, followed by proteins and bit of carbohydrates. Most people eat more carbohydrates, proteins and very little fruits and vegetables. Something like that.

  8. So, after all my aunts and cousins galore had exclaimed about how much weight I had gained, I trudged to a pharmacy for a home pregnancy test.

  9. My dear, I am going through the same bru haha thanks to motherhood (who am I kidding? I have always been big – but this time!!!). Anyhoo, the only time my weight did manage to leave (I havent tried this again yet since I am still nursing) is the theory Peace tabled. More fruits and vegetables, with protein and fewer carbs…I should get back on that when Joel turns a year…hmmm..although i am easing back into the system now. I watched an episode of Tyrah Banks last friday (or was it saturday) and there was this 87 year old woman with serious muscles and a flat tum!!!!

  10. Knowin u 4 as long as i’ve………….u r definitely at peace now. Which explains the weight. You continue with your walks u ll be aight.

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