Vacation… good times

Have been on a bit of vacation for the past 3 days and it has been sheer bliss…

Waking up at 10am, spending the days with my cutie Rhys, with him all over the place saying Mommy this and Mommy the other… I think he has also enjoyed having me at home.  Have been playing with him, taking walks, giving him baths, kisses to soothe the pain when he gets hurt… its been amazing. I guess this is what housewives are able to enjoy everyday, besides the house chores… don’t think I would handle being one. After all those years of scholling, hassling at MUK with their beyond ridiculous system of administration and taking all of that crap (did i ever mention that none of my children will be going to that fake university on the hill? Harvard oyee!- have already started saving for that). Anyhu… have started straying like Tandra

It has really been a joy spending so much time of my days with Rhys. The amazing thing is, so many of my workmates were asking me what I has planned for this time off work and when I told them that was going to sleep and have time with Rhys, they were surprised. The majority of them usually travel when on vacation, peeps at my office are loaded like that… very soon I shall also start telling tales of the Seychelles and all that…

At the moment, the songs he is really feeling are Touch My Body, Mariah (can you imagine! a 2.6 year old! children of these days…) and Kiss, Chris Brown ft T-Pain. He even knows the dancing moves that Chris Brown ‘does’ in that video, kika. Speaking of music, listened to Lady by Modjo, haven’t heard it in like forever, it brought back some memories… interesting memories…

Still have a few days left and planning on exhausting them with joy joy and then some more joy… anybody want some? holla!


10 comments on “Vacation… good times

  1. ME ME ME!! share some of that …that that you are offering [yes, those are three thats and you know they make sense.]

    enjoy your time off, for those of us who dont have the time to. 🙂

  2. Well…
    Sounds really fulfilling!
    Definitely worth getting there!
    Atleast he appreciates it as much as you do!

    Seychelles huh!
    Harvard too Oyee!

    Yeah, some joi would be really appreciated as well…

  3. MUK was not too bad………..thumbs up for Harvard. A quarter towards that saving scheme. Mariah? Rhys knows what he wants… Nick did too….no need to work.

  4. When I have kids I’ll ask your Rhys to sit them down and talk to them about Harvard. When he’s already in Harvard. My family has a tendency not to like college very much so yours should be a good infuence. When do we meet you and Rhys? He’s a blogger already so carry him to BHH. 😀

  5. holiday at home can also be a good time, had mine sometime back, not from work but from school, waking up at 10, watching Tv and doing the little housework there is.

    did i add we at the coast and i loooove swimming? enjoy ur time.

    say hi to Rhys. I have a young cousin who sings along to T-pain’s I love the bartender. I wonder if he realises what he is singing? but of course not…

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