The other day, he said to me, ” I can’t believe I will have to convince my wife to have children. It’s supposed to come naturally.”

He was referring to me not wanting to have any more children. Thought that was very intereting.

Guys, do you feel for him? Is it always a given that the female human species will want to have loads of kids?


Baby Boy Update…

This is the new stuff concerning Rhys:

His new word is What! You ask him something and he says, What, ask again and he will repeat it. Before that, like a week ago, he was loving Okay! Though he still uses it, its not as much as before. It is just so cute.

The music he is loving at the moment:

  • 4 Minutes, Justin Timberlake & Madonna
  • Tattoo, Jordin Sparks
  • Kiss Kiss, Chris Brown ft. T-Pain. He has loved this one for a while, the video is just his thing. He even tries out the moves.
  • Sensual Seduction, Snoop Dogg (seriously do not understand why)
  • And the new Shaggy song, can’t remember the name
  • No One, Alicia Keys; thought this is extremely sweet considering that I think of him when I listen to it. It’s our special song. He can actually sing the chorus…

This reminds me, my son flattered me! We were watching the Teenage Love Affair video when Rhys kept on pointing at the screen and saying, ‘Mommy’ whenever Alicia Keys would come on. I was flabbergasted (Tandra, its okay for you to check the dictionary). Alicia Keys is the epitome of beautiful and is so very hot! I was mob mob mob flattered. Banange my boy thinks I look like her, he is so good for my ego.

I really like Alicia Keys. She has wonderful music, have loved all 3 of her albums and besides being a celebrity, still has integrity. She doesn’t feel the need to show off her body or should I say get naked to attract fans to watch her video, listen to her music and thus buy her albums. She is one of the few young hot artists who does that. She is an all rounder, besides her superb voice, she has talent (playing the piano), writing music, is beautiful, hardworking and still remains a really lovely woman. She is one of the few artists who I would actually want to go for a show if she had one in Uganda, even if it was like at Nakivubo! She did come here but not perform, for charity related stuff.

Have so diverted from the main point, Rhys…

He loves kisses; giving them and receiving them. And for him it is not just one on the cheek. He wants to give and get kisses all together on both cheeks, the forehead and then on the top of the head. And when giving them, he likes to make the ‘mwah’ sound. Now aiint that just so sweet?

Omwana wangye nimurungi!




Yesterday I wore a very cute pink top (not hot pink Iwaya! so divert the line of thinking that you were headed for). Anyhu, a suttle pink tending to peach (that is the colour Mr. B2B, not the fruit). Its a lovely top, the problem is that it shows off a lot of my bust. A LOT!

Actually, for most chicks it would be okay but I have a big bust, have had it since high school although it got bigger after having Rhys. As a result of this display of a more-than-normal amount of flesh, I got the looks and lust filled smiles from so many guys. So not my thing but survived the day, continued being my confident self throughout the day.

This made me realise that since forever, I have never been one to show off ‘skin’, basically my body, prefering to wear trousers instead of skirts that would put my legs on display, long sleeved shirts of all kinds to cover up my arms and closed shoes, most of the time sneakers, to cover up my feet. To make it worse, they would be loose clothes. A good friend of mine, over the years has been slowly trying to turn me to the “dark side”. Sawa is one of those girls who has a beautiful hour-glass shaped body and a moderate bust size so she can wear almost anything because it looks good on her; from spaghetti strap tops, hipsters, sleek evening dresses to the most shapeless of dresses because her curves will still ‘shine’. It’s amazing. It is so much fun to walk with her and be entertained by guys’ reactions when they see her in one of her fitting outfits.

Whenever we go out shopping for clothes, she picks out for me the short sleeved shirts, really fitting trousers (she wouldn’t bother with skirts coz she knows me too well), strapless tops… basically taking me to her side of the ‘clothes wearing’. So gradually, my wardrobe has been transformed over the years to also include the “forbidden” type of outfits. And therefore, at the end of the day Sawa, I blame you for me buying the cute pink top that got me way too much attention.

Fact: Had I worn that top a couple of years ago and gone to the taxi park, I would have been undressed, literally. (Do you remember those days when that used to happen? Princess were you born by then?)

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The love for movies is ingrained in my family’s genes, even Rhys gets excited when he sees me putting in a DVD into the player. There a couple of movies according to our standard which are a general must watch… one cannot really be my friend, okay that may be stretching it a bit… one cannot really know me if you haven’t watched at least half of these movies on this MUST WATCH list… they are not in any particular order…

  1. Shawshank Redemption
  2. Saving Private Ryan
  3. The Matrix
  4. Terminator
  5. Terminator 2
  6. Gone With The Wind
  7. Face/Off
  8. Sound Of Music
  9. Lion King
  10. Popeye (technically not a movie but deserdvedly on this list)
  11. The Prince Of Egypt
  12. The Usual Suspects
  13. Speed
  14. Singing In The Rain
  15. An Affair To Remember
  16. Ever After (yes yes yes)
  17. Fight Club
  18. Primal Fear
  19. Heat
  20. The Fifth Element
  21. Back To The Future
  22. Evita
  23. Spiderman 1 & 2
  24. Braveheart
  25. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  26. The Mexican
  27. Desparado
  28. True Lies
  29. The Mummy
  30. Scarface (not to be watched more than once)
  31. Aliens
  32. Grease
  33. Gods And Monsters
  34. Batman
  35. Casino

Technically this was supposed to a maximum of 20 but they just kept flowing… these are the movies that I can watch over and over and over again… and then some.

What movies would you have on your list?