Yesterday I wore a very cute pink top (not hot pink Iwaya! so divert the line of thinking that you were headed for). Anyhu, a suttle pink tending to peach (that is the colour Mr. B2B, not the fruit). Its a lovely top, the problem is that it shows off a lot of my bust. A LOT!

Actually, for most chicks it would be okay but I have a big bust, have had it since high school although it got bigger after having Rhys. As a result of this display of a more-than-normal amount of flesh, I got the looks and lust filled smiles from so many guys. So not my thing but survived the day, continued being my confident self throughout the day.

This made me realise that since forever, I have never been one to show off ‘skin’, basically my body, prefering to wear trousers instead of skirts that would put my legs on display, long sleeved shirts of all kinds to cover up my arms and closed shoes, most of the time sneakers, to cover up my feet. To make it worse, they would be loose clothes. A good friend of mine, over the years has been slowly trying to turn me to the “dark side”. Sawa is one of those girls who has a beautiful hour-glass shaped body and a moderate bust size so she can wear almost anything because it looks good on her; from spaghetti strap tops, hipsters, sleek evening dresses to the most shapeless of dresses because her curves will still ‘shine’. It’s amazing. It is so much fun to walk with her and be entertained by guys’ reactions when they see her in one of her fitting outfits.

Whenever we go out shopping for clothes, she picks out for me the short sleeved shirts, really fitting trousers (she wouldn’t bother with skirts coz she knows me too well), strapless tops… basically taking me to her side of the ‘clothes wearing’. So gradually, my wardrobe has been transformed over the years to also include the “forbidden” type of outfits. And therefore, at the end of the day Sawa, I blame you for me buying the cute pink top that got me way too much attention.

Fact: Had I worn that top a couple of years ago and gone to the taxi park, I would have been undressed, literally. (Do you remember those days when that used to happen? Princess were you born by then?)

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15 comments on “So…

  1. You would have been undressed, ‘literally’? Explain! What?

    I love skirts. I tend to show quite a lot of skin. I like skin. So soft and smooth and sexual. Mmmmmm. *drools*

  2. Oh and I didn’t mean I dress like a slut with tiny skirts and almost non-existent shirts. I just tend to strip, for some reason clothes just never seem to stay on my body for very long. It’s odd.

  3. I demand photographic evidence of said bust..but on the real, you can get some guys do you anything you want..just wear that pink top and smile and bend ko abit..just so you know im going to be a mogul in future..;-) not wear that top and ride on boda boda’s, they will ride fast and on bumpy roads you might end up clutchin for dear life..the filthy buggers!!

  4. the comments are hillarious..
    when in a skirt, u sit sideways on a boda..

    here is a reason if u are caught ‘cheating’:
    he tripped, i fell, suddenly i lost weight and my clothes fell from my body…

    me, am more of jeans and t-shirts and sweatshirts, but i plan to change my look soon..get rid of them jeans and go for skirts(that will be the day)

  5. lol..the comments are so hilarious..

    Missed your page where was I???

    Hmmm…celebrate your bust size..women all over kill for said size so ermm..yeah..cut lil pink tops yeii!!!!

    but what would you rather..really big hips?? or a really huge bust??

  6. I believe I was.Wasn’t I? 😀
    I do remember people talking about it in heavy past tense though….:P

    Boda-bodas! I got on one side-ways the other day[I’d never done this before]
    I was in a short skirt, the wind was blowing every which way…
    And I didn’t know whether to hang on to my dignity or hang on for my life!!!

  7. Well done Sybella where am patting myself on the back. I guess i’ll come around for Mr. B2B to give me that drink after all am Sawa……………SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Eh, some bust! I really moan about my non-existent one so much that I’m starting to irritate people. So I’ll be happy that my low-cut tops only show ribs and jutting collar bones and instead wear shorter skirts cuz at least I have legs, no matter how toothpicky they are.

  9. gimme some of the bust sy. i hav been toying with the idea of havin mine did. i swear i have. and to make matters worse, the other day, our security guard who is a woman told me that my breasts will shrink even more when i give birth. and she knows it because, she says, she had my type of breasts before she gave birth. and sure enuff i checked out her bust and there was nothing!

  10. What do women really want? The ones with big busts want smaller, the ones with smaller ones wish for bigger ones. Is there really a perfect size? To me it all depends with the owner and how well she handles her (un)availability. Ok, now bring the photos.

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