Baby Boy Update…

This is the new stuff concerning Rhys:

His new word is What! You ask him something and he says, What, ask again and he will repeat it. Before that, like a week ago, he was loving Okay! Though he still uses it, its not as much as before. It is just so cute.

The music he is loving at the moment:

  • 4 Minutes, Justin Timberlake & Madonna
  • Tattoo, Jordin Sparks
  • Kiss Kiss, Chris Brown ft. T-Pain. He has loved this one for a while, the video is just his thing. He even tries out the moves.
  • Sensual Seduction, Snoop Dogg (seriously do not understand why)
  • And the new Shaggy song, can’t remember the name
  • No One, Alicia Keys; thought this is extremely sweet considering that I think of him when I listen to it. It’s our special song. He can actually sing the chorus…

This reminds me, my son flattered me! We were watching the Teenage Love Affair video when Rhys kept on pointing at the screen and saying, ‘Mommy’ whenever Alicia Keys would come on. I was flabbergasted (Tandra, its okay for you to check the dictionary). Alicia Keys is the epitome of beautiful and is so very hot! I was mob mob mob flattered. Banange my boy thinks I look like her, he is so good for my ego.

I really like Alicia Keys. She has wonderful music, have loved all 3 of her albums and besides being a celebrity, still has integrity. She doesn’t feel the need to show off her body or should I say get naked to attract fans to watch her video, listen to her music and thus buy her albums. She is one of the few young hot artists who does that. She is an all rounder, besides her superb voice, she has talent (playing the piano), writing music, is beautiful, hardworking and still remains a really lovely woman. She is one of the few artists who I would actually want to go for a show if she had one in Uganda, even if it was like at Nakivubo! She did come here but not perform, for charity related stuff.

Have so diverted from the main point, Rhys…

He loves kisses; giving them and receiving them. And for him it is not just one on the cheek. He wants to give and get kisses all together on both cheeks, the forehead and then on the top of the head. And when giving them, he likes to make the ‘mwah’ sound. Now aiint that just so sweet?

Omwana wangye nimurungi!




23 comments on “Baby Boy Update…

  1. Tandra……….lol!!!!!!!! Finally…the new trend is to take bras knickers as well…not just boots (take notes from Cherie)

    Awww…you’re making a seriously non-maternal type quite broody!!! As in seriously I’d love to see a pic of him,,so you know what to do when I come to UG..

    awwwwwww…I’m just smiling… he loves Sensual Seduction so I’m highly jazzed….

  2. How shweet! Soak up every moment, mama.

    One day he’ll be all grown up and dating a chick who looks like Li’l Kim. And when you kiss him he’ll be like: “Ewww, Mum, not in front of my friends!”

    Then you will need to hang on to these memories tightly.

  3. Its time 4 a baby gal…………..Rhys needs a playmate. Can imagine the updates on the baby gal. Boy knows beauty wen he sees it.

  4. Bambi…O’mwana akula luganda sucks..The boy is growing..just pray he doesnt end up backhanding girls screamin ‘I’m Rick James…

  5. really cute.
    alicia keys…rumour has it she’s bi-sexual leaning more to lesbo. i’d so have a fling with her!

  6. See, did I not ask you time and time again to carry him to BHH? We also want to experience first hand this sweetness. So will you reconsider? Pretty please???! We know you’re in Uganda so what’s your excuse?
    P.S. Your son is learning early how to please women. You look like Alicia? But do you? Seriously, maybe there are guys out there who would so fall for a single mom who looks like Alicia and since I’ve not yet read about Tata Rhys I’m making laaaarge assumptions. Forgive me.
    P.P.S. I’ve had a crush on Alicia Keys for so long I can’t remember. And if someone brings her to Ug for a concert I promise I’ll . . . can’t think of something big.

  7. like i like ur son as well. i like people that show affection but affection from a child is pure, unadulterated stuff. big up holla back

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