The other day, he said to me, ” I can’t believe I will have to convince my wife to have children. It’s supposed to come naturally.”

He was referring to me not wanting to have any more children. Thought that was very intereting.

Guys, do you feel for him? Is it always a given that the female human species will want to have loads of kids?


20 comments on “Okay…

  1. Hmm..I personally don’t wants loads of kids…but more than one anyhu…just think of another cutie just like Rhys…a pretty girl (okie now I’m broody)

  2. no, it is not our natural duty to multiply and fill the earth!
    if he wants more kids, he has his work cut out, after all, u are the one who’s going to be pregnant for 9months, and painfully give birth..

  3. i am sooooooooooooooooo amused u have no idea (and i am not going to share the extent of my amusement).

    Kati, i feel for boi, he just wanna have kiddie with his bood and wat not. Prolly a dream of his from way back when to have wifey and kids.. u know teach a little one stuff and wat not.

    Nye he wont be the one carrying and being puked on.

  4. @ valentia… yeah, a girl like rhys would be perfect

    @ 31337… you do know that what you have said has 2 negatives so translates to “i do want some”? but i do get it, maybe we should hook up… would be perfect.

    @ savvy08… thank you sister

    @ tandra… feel free to share the amusement… and yes, he won’t be carrying but will definately be puked on.

  5. How many do u have so far…?

    From there we can see what to do next.

    Then how many does he want?

    We can work out something…I can be a surrogate… I’ need money!!!

  6. And screw men wanting to spread their seed. They should be happy just to help someone who is already alive. No need to go around making more people, we’ve already got plenty.

  7. That thing of kids freaks me out, and imagine am an adult! No, it depends but since you already have had an experience, tell him to chill out, its nit that easy, though men always say “I know”! To be sincere, not all women wanna have more and more babies.

  8. Wedding first then the rest will fall in place…get to the bridge b4 u can cross it. He may not ve to convince u wen all is said and done. Is it painful or is it to freak the teens out into not havin sex?

  9. my dear, its a tricky thing u r in but this is what i think. sometimes these men despite their level of education dont know better. they are just as old fashioned as their fathers or even grand fathers. for them life at this stage means produce and fill the world then toil to look after the children and wife.
    but then again i dont agree with him, thinking that producing children should come naturallly, he is clearly stuck in mideval times. children are a celebration of love not the natural thing to do. but before u brush him off, find out his reasons for wanting more kids, maybe he wants them now so that by the timeu r retiring, they are all grown up so he can concentrate on u alone,*ok am not winning with this arguemnt* but well think abt it. holla back

  10. @FoxxyLamb
    Nice comment

    Nice comment too

    just wondering why you wouldn’t want to have another Rhys, take away all the natural rigours that women go through…

    about it coming naturally, hmmmn that is a tuff one, guessing that he assumes that when a man and woman are that deeply into each other, a child is one thing that could possibly bring them even closer huh!
    Loads of kids are exactly how many

  11. The female species does not necessarily want to have loads of kids, but we kinda like these little things called babies. So he’s baffled that he’d want them more than you. That’s all.

  12. I have only one sister and two brothers, one of whom I never knew about till later. But I’ve always wished I’d had more sisters and brothers especially when I fought with my sis and had no one else to play with.

    I really wish I had lots of kids but its too late for me now. I think the best time to have kids is in your twenties.

  13. I want babies but only three though from the looks of this clock i might downgrade anything over and above 3 he can get elsewhere. I think the wanting babies or not is a personal thing and should not be forced.

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