I still want to…

I still want to…


Want to be there when it all goes bad

Want to be held by him

Want to smell of him because of his hugs

Want to feel the fluttering in my stomach because of his presence


I still want to…


Want to make his heart flutter

Want to be who he longs to be with

Want to be who he shares his secrets with

Want to be able to make things better for him


I still want to…


Want to hold his hand as a symbol of togetherness… eternity

Want to feel the shiver of delight as he kisses my neck

Want to have his voice as the last thing to hear before I sleep

Want to be his girl


Cookie, this is for you…

The sand loves when… the waves come
The sky can’t wait… for the light of the sun
So how could you look… me in my eye
And not see what…
what i feel inside
Tell me how could you, doubt the fact that I
I love you…
I love you

Don’t you ever think like that
Don’t you ever never do that
There will never be two things that go together better
Than you and me…
North needs south east needs west…
No needs yes yes yes
Up needs down life needs death…
No needs yes yes yes

I need you
I need you
I need you
You…I need you


 I Need You, Alicia Keys

I pray that you are well, safe and content. You will never be forgotten.

Some excitement…

Rhys was taken “out” by his Uncle and Aunt on Sunday. All dressed up, with his shoes nicely shined and his hair brushed so very well, off they went.

“Mommy, I am going out!”

“Out in unco’s car. Bye Mommy.”

Banange my son was excited. Now don’t start thinking that we are so recluse and take the boy to places in the car, Rhys loves cars. They get him so kyamukated. Maybe he will be the Shumacker of his time… ((gone off to the land of seeing my son’s name in the spotlight, oh my)). Okay, back to this land…

Now the thing is, they weren’t going anywhere fancy, just to Game. His Aunt wanted to buy a DVD Player for him. Yeah, I know my family spoils my son and I love it. The Player is so that Rhys can watch his shows without any interuptions. What shows? In addition to the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Boomerang, for him to now watch Elmo, Teletubbies and watch his other cartoons that catch his fancy. Kale all we had in our days was Pingu, Punky Brewster, Duffy Duck, Didi on tv and then Popeye and the Disney movies on VHS! Wabula…

Hatiya, they were gone for just over two hours; wasn’t complaining , was enjoying the rare free time that is derived as a result at such times. Very rare times! When they do finally get back, it’s minus the DVD Player but there is a truck for my boy. Sebo is mob excited, seriously hyper. If I didn’t know better, would have thought he had smoked some weed or drunk some strong coffee. He loved the outing and loved his truck. Is still loving the truck. He puts his “baby” (read teddy bear) on it and pushes it around.

It was so good to see him in such a high mood. His happiness gives me so much joy!

In other news, our neighbour opened an airtime kiosk just outside our gate. It even has kara, elec for the evenings when it is dark. Airtime for all networks! I am so welcoming this coz at some weird hour can actually run out of airtime and need to make an urgent call. So we are now so sorted.

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A High’s High… Thankful

I am riding on a serious high. Real pure bliss… like on a fluffy white cloud… one of those highs when you are crazy enough to shout ‘next round of all drinks on me’ in a bar. Boundless happiness… What is causing all this?

Well, a friend who has been having a couple of complications with her pregnancy gave birth naturally to a healthy 3.6kg baby boy on the 7th of the 7th month of 2008. Clearly going to be a very blessed boy – Stephan.

I watched a movie that I really really really liked, more than I thought I would, Hancock. Peter Berg did a very good job, don’t care what none of you say about it. Had a good time watching it with him at the cinema.

We love each other and I have gotten to the point where I don’t give a hoot about kissing him on Kampala Road. For me that is really a big deal. He accepts me for who I am, even my craziness that hits at times… he hadn’t even noticed that I had put on weight till I mentioned it. No Tandra, he was not just humouring me. Thank you for being you baby.

Rhys is wonderful and in good health, intelligent, handsome, blessed, cheeky at times, playful, energetic, loving… the apple of my eye. He puts a smile on my face after a hectic day all the time.

A good friend is coming back home from outside countries this week and that gives me some more joy. Its been long since I last ‘looked upon’ your face…

God is good. Jesus loves yoy and He is always in control.

I am loving and enjoying my everyday life.

Thank you Jesus.