A High’s High… Thankful

I am riding on a serious high. Real pure bliss… like on a fluffy white cloud… one of those highs when you are crazy enough to shout ‘next round of all drinks on me’ in a bar. Boundless happiness… What is causing all this?

Well, a friend who has been having a couple of complications with her pregnancy gave birth naturally to a healthy 3.6kg baby boy on the 7th of the 7th month of 2008. Clearly going to be a very blessed boy – Stephan.

I watched a movie that I really really really liked, more than I thought I would, Hancock. Peter Berg did a very good job, don’t care what none of you say about it. Had a good time watching it with him at the cinema.

We love each other and I have gotten to the point where I don’t give a hoot about kissing him on Kampala Road. For me that is really a big deal. He accepts me for who I am, even my craziness that hits at times… he hadn’t even noticed that I had put on weight till I mentioned it. No Tandra, he was not just humouring me. Thank you for being you baby.

Rhys is wonderful and in good health, intelligent, handsome, blessed, cheeky at times, playful, energetic, loving… the apple of my eye. He puts a smile on my face after a hectic day all the time.

A good friend is coming back home from outside countries this week and that gives me some more joy. Its been long since I last ‘looked upon’ your face…

God is good. Jesus loves yoy and He is always in control.

I am loving and enjoying my everyday life.

Thank you Jesus.


20 comments on “A High’s High… Thankful

  1. well, you certainly sound happy, so i will say nothing about that thing you said up there about

    “honey, i think i have put on 15kg since rhys”
    “really? i had not noticed. been busy, what with the new secretary and all. but now that you mention it, i definately see the er cute butt is all rounded. but oh well, you are still the mother of my children….”

    ouch *running for cover*

  2. kwonka antipop, oyiruke. ndyo ninyija ne kishekuzo…

    mr.b2b, feel free to pass by for some of that high…

    eddsla, yeah it is…

    thanks princess…

  3. Lots to be thankful for………am in wit u. Congrats to the ma.
    I need me some kisses been ages………Rhys plays a big role mo than he’ll ever know. You r only a pound or so healthier he he ha ha ha.

  4. At the risk of repeating myself. I told you you were happy a few poss ago!


    God is good all the time. We just have to learn to soak it all in.

  5. awww..I like Happy posts….

    Kissing on an African road??? awww…still in a honey-mooony state I see…nice!

    Yes..passing like B2B for some of that high..woosaaaa!

  6. Don’t kusasira antipop please. Shekura her all you want! He he he. Oh, and I was actually thinking exactly like her, she just articulated it better. But me, I’ll pretend I never even thought of it. How old is Rhys for y’all to still be in honeymoon phase? And how long had y’all dated before he came along? Just asking cuz I want some of your magic to last and last like a mother’s love.
    😀 Couldn’t keep the corn out of here.

  7. In Marriage,with a kiddo and not only happy but high? Good,am happy for you….This is where some of us will be coming for refuge when need be!
    All the best and keep the love fire burning!

  8. Thanks for sharing the joy and happiness. Now it’s rubbed off.

    Congs to your friend and her baby..and to u and Rhys (by the way, I always wnated to know how thatname is pronounced…it makes my tongue heavy).

    Three, I banned u from smoking that grass.

    Antipop, u gal, u’re supposed to be on our side…

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