Some excitement…

Rhys was taken “out” by his Uncle and Aunt on Sunday. All dressed up, with his shoes nicely shined and his hair brushed so very well, off they went.

“Mommy, I am going out!”

“Out in unco’s car. Bye Mommy.”

Banange my son was excited. Now don’t start thinking that we are so recluse and take the boy to places in the car, Rhys loves cars. They get him so kyamukated. Maybe he will be the Shumacker of his time… ((gone off to the land of seeing my son’s name in the spotlight, oh my)). Okay, back to this land…

Now the thing is, they weren’t going anywhere fancy, just to Game. His Aunt wanted to buy a DVD Player for him. Yeah, I know my family spoils my son and I love it. The Player is so that Rhys can watch his shows without any interuptions. What shows? In addition to the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Boomerang, for him to now watch Elmo, Teletubbies and watch his other cartoons that catch his fancy. Kale all we had in our days was Pingu, Punky Brewster, Duffy Duck, Didi on tv and then Popeye and the Disney movies on VHS! Wabula…

Hatiya, they were gone for just over two hours; wasn’t complaining , was enjoying the rare free time that is derived as a result at such times. Very rare times! When they do finally get back, it’s minus the DVD Player but there is a truck for my boy. Sebo is mob excited, seriously hyper. If I didn’t know better, would have thought he had smoked some weed or drunk some strong coffee. He loved the outing and loved his truck. Is still loving the truck. He puts his “baby” (read teddy bear) on it and pushes it around.

It was so good to see him in such a high mood. His happiness gives me so much joy!

In other news, our neighbour opened an airtime kiosk just outside our gate. It even has kara, elec for the evenings when it is dark. Airtime for all networks! I am so welcoming this coz at some weird hour can actually run out of airtime and need to make an urgent call. So we are now so sorted.

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15 comments on “Some excitement…

  1. okie your post has just put a smile on my face…sounds like my cousins Ken and Jesse when they were young..the look on their faces when they went for a ride with my dad was the best 🙂

  2. kids give their parents a lot of joy, i guess. if he’s happy, u are happy

    Banange , Hatiya,…. all this vocabulary…

  3. campus life can be convenient, our shops are open up to 1 am, so anything u want u get at any time of the day…

    at least now u got ur airtime shop

  4. Lol Kyamukated…

    Gwe Punky Brewster was the bomb…that was on Sanyu Tv right? Oba CTV

    Rhys is eating life.

    Kale joy is infectious and contagious…Now I’m happy with because Rhys is happy.

  5. eeeeeh B2B can relate………Sy u ve some interesting words i had taken ages without hearin Kyamukated, Kara……..

    U don’t need credit to make an SOS call….so u be makin that urgent call to who?

  6. Lol…antipop…just beep her?

    Reading this post just got me thinking of the next 10 or so years.I was a little reluctant but now,i can’t wait to get me own Rhys…

  7. The vocab on this post is aiiight!U remind me of how my mum would look forward to weekends since my dad would take us all out and leave my mum in your blog

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