Cookie, this is for you…

The sand loves when… the waves come
The sky can’t wait… for the light of the sun
So how could you look… me in my eye
And not see what…
what i feel inside
Tell me how could you, doubt the fact that I
I love you…
I love you

Don’t you ever think like that
Don’t you ever never do that
There will never be two things that go together better
Than you and me…
North needs south east needs west…
No needs yes yes yes
Up needs down life needs death…
No needs yes yes yes

I need you
I need you
I need you
You…I need you


 I Need You, Alicia Keys

I pray that you are well, safe and content. You will never be forgotten.


15 comments on “Cookie, this is for you…

  1. @tumwijuke, allow me to introduce you to the world of pet names. cookie, pookie, mookie, monkey etc

    @ sy, if you wrote me something like this, i swear i would never disapear. i would never leave you. honest

  2. @ Antipop..hahahaha…you have made my day

    @ I and my love for Alicia..sigh…but I lost out on my friend who claimed if she was a man she would have married her…

  3. Funny, I just met my new ‘eye technician’ and her nickname is cookie…. Mhhhmmmm! I wonder if these lyrics will win me a discount on those transitional lenses… mhmmm!

  4. this is beautiful….
    now if only you could have said these words to cookie, he (she?) would be right there with you

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