I still want to…

I still want to…


Want to be there when it all goes bad

Want to be held by him

Want to smell of him because of his hugs

Want to feel the fluttering in my stomach because of his presence


I still want to…


Want to make his heart flutter

Want to be who he longs to be with

Want to be who he shares his secrets with

Want to be able to make things better for him


I still want to…


Want to hold his hand as a symbol of togetherness… eternity

Want to feel the shiver of delight as he kisses my neck

Want to have his voice as the last thing to hear before I sleep

Want to be his girl


29 comments on “I still want to…

  1. @tumwi… let the part of you that wants it win the battle

    @petesmama… this isn’t for cookie. thank you, will do

    @3… it is definitely just you. what exactly do you consider scary?

  2. Sybella..you should read the “I was watching you sleep” post to understand 31337’s basis for bn scared…lol

    Beautiful poem….

  3. @3 with his bulango! eh!

    @sybella, this love is getting out of hand. post something about rhys’ potty training or other! i cant handle too much love. it is oh so scary!

  4. nice poem.

    i read the spookiness over at 31337…it could be spooky but if well executed, its romantic.

    short gaze not a ritual sleep watching

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