I am having such a shitty day.

How are y’all doing?


21 comments on “Aaaargh….

  1. Sowry…. I have an apple and cinnamon muffin I’d love to share. Just make a list of your favourite things – like in Sound of Music.

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….

  2. Lol…P’mama…nice plan.

    Sybella, now is the time to spoil yourself rotten. Find a confectionary shop and give yourself sweet treats.

    Works for me all the time.

  3. @cheri… i actually contemplated that, like the chocolate cake at NYK so sinfully delicious… maybe i will. need to look for some after eight chocolate actually…

  4. sorry.
    went out and bought chocolate yesterday, plus had some of that lavender tea that never fails to soothe so im floating about in my storm like a clueless blonde.
    try some. lavender tea can be found at capital shoppers.

  5. there is good old Chai too. one of Twinings oldest teas is their Chai from India, and can also be found in the supermarkets. along with many other teas. Obviously DK you need an education in the art of teas.
    Have you heard of the House of Teas? one of the places i really want to visit…
    hey, this ain’t our blog. STOP!

  6. Make it a shitty week….look on the bright side ensi bwatyo. Have a long soak in the tub with candles and sweet smellin bubble bath that should do the trick……not choco a minute on the lips a life time on the hips.

  7. me i am well. i sincerely hope yours got better.

    me i am on leave. don’t you love company interwebs, it may be slower but feels oh so good to [mis]use it.

  8. @jasmine… tea is not really my thing but will try it out one day, thanks

    @savvy… sorry. don’t worry, they will come to an end just like they always do and then it will be party time!

    @apr9… about the lips and hips thing, we live once so once in a while tis good to enjoy it

    @tumwi… lol… that’s true but this is a PG blog. don’t want it to be R rated

    @princess… thank you. is living in NY getting better for you?

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