Better, really much better…

Thank you for all the support everyone… it is so weird that we really haven’t met and yet are a kind of family and friends that support each other… blogren.

He came to see me at lunch time just to give me a hug when he found out about the drama… it felt so good being held by him with all the turmoil that I was going through.

Then in the evening when I got home, seeing Rhys’ cute, innocent and loving face made me feel so much better. He was busy telling me about his baby… yes, his baby. Our house helper wasn’t able to leave her one year old son Elijah (such a wonderful name) at home with her helper who was unwell. So she came with Elijah home.

Rhys was feeling the older big brother kind of thing. Telling him what not to do and what he can do. Taking him around and getting toys for him to play with. My Mom said that he even wasn’t bothered with going out to play with his friend Grey since he had his baby in the house. I thought that was really sweet and continues to strengthen my belief that he will be a good big brother.

And today, there has been a rainbow in the sky for me the whole morning.


11 comments on “Better, really much better…

  1. Let me get some of that……..glad it all turned out aight. So get Rhys a sis or brother how abt that. Ta to ur two men who helped lift ur spirit up….and everyone else.

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