I am a born again Christian. For real? Yes.

I used to love going to Church. Looove… to the point that I would spend a really large portion of every day of the week there and would look forward to going back the next day. When I was in S.6 vacation, as Invaders we would meet after lunch for fellowship till about 6.30pm and i would end up getting home at at 7.30/8pm. My borther would make some serious noise whenever I would get home about this and him being the atheist just did not help. At that point in my life, it was just the two of us because the rest of the family was spread across the world. The irony about my brother not believing in God is that our Mom is an evangelist. I guess what Jesus said about family can be so true…

The thing is, I haven’t had that zeal for Church for such a long time. When I read her post I actually felt such an emptiness about this and I am trying to find a way to get back to having a strong spiritual life once again…

My Christianity walk actually started when I was 6 years old. Although at that point it wasn’t so clear to me the significance of what I was doing but the joy that it caused my Mom and Aunt about me accepting Christ as my Lord and Saviour made me sure that I had done something right. I regularly went to Church from then on and loved it.

Blessedly, I went to a high school which has a very strong foundation with Christianity and got a lot of support and very good spiritual guidance there. I had a bit… ok, a very huge backsliding session when my Dad passed away when I was 15 but I got back on the right track 2 years later. By the time I was finishing with high school and getting closer to CANTAB (final exams), we were really uplifed high and were having very many evil attacks but Jesus was by our side all this time and we had the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We kept strong through all of this.

But then sometime between then and now, things started to go down hill but I am determined to get back to Jesus… whatever it takes. Especially for Rhys… for Him to follow the right path in God’s ways.

Smile, Jesus loves you.


7 comments on “Faith…

  1. JC all the way……………haven’t been to church in 8 months save for funeral services and weddings but one thing am certain abt JC still has my back……….am yet to find a church to belong to….to think i was a Cell…section leader. Ama find me a church one of these days.

    Oh ya still read my Bible faithfully…..

  2. “whatever it takes”

    “whatever it takes”

    “whatever it takes”

    had to drop that on threepeat

    and yeah, go mummy

  3. i have no tbeen to churh in a looooooooooooooong while either, but i read my bible-sometimes- and i pray often. go find Him again!especially for yourself. first yourself and then your rhys later…

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