Royal Goat Races????

The Ugandan Royal Ascot Goat Races are today at Speke Resort Munyonyo, as usual. A friend was asked whether she would be going for it and her response was,

“I grew up with goats so why should I pay to go see goats running around the place like I didn’t see enough of it when I was young!” In our language it sounds so much better…

This actually amused me.

Have a good weekend… but most will read this after the weekend, so what did you get upto over the weekend?

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27 comments on “Royal Goat Races????

  1. I keep telling people all they need to do is get Acholi goats, straight from the villages and fire a shot at the starting line.

    They’ll win the race hands down (or is it hooves down) and keep bolting till they reach Kampala.

    I know. I’ve seen them run.

    My weekend is going to super suck. I can already tell.

    Hope yours is better.

  2. cockroaches racing? Lol!

    saw the goat race thingy on tv today. UBC. don’t know yet if it was live.

    your friend’s very wise.

    my weekend rocks!

    DK warrup?

  3. Wat language Sy Rukiga or luganda? as if it matters…..English at times fails to express our feelings……good for ur pal. Don’t think most people go to see the goats tho……

    Anyway so they said the labor weekend was the end of summer so 2moro is a holiday no work so its been a long wkend since Friday there’s a BBQ at home today so come over….drinkin miself silly….how was ur?

  4. me i have a sport here. how fast that goat can be decapitated hung wrong side up in a tree and skinned so that we get to enjoy roast ribs among other delicacies derived from said carcass.

  5. Naye gwe, it seems u missed the memo.


    And it is for this simple reason that bloggers block in sleeping in my bed these days. We don’t have serious kabozi.

  6. I was waiting to read it like it is…in ur own language!!
    Got dissappointed….
    Stupid goat races, If i wea there, i wud go there for the hens not for the goats!!

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