A year old…

Kale I missed my anniversary… not the wedding anniversary but the blog one. Tis kika!

I have been blogging for a bit over a year. I am not exactly like her, her or her who post regularly, at times even grace us with 2 posts in a day. Letting things out can at times be really difficult for me and so I don’t have many posts. But I am enjoying it so far.

The ‘birthday’ was actually on the 10th September but I have been mad busy and actually just realised earlier this week that I had missed it. Time has really flown by.

Just thinking that to celebrate, I should go for my inaugural BHH meet for intelectual discussions today… definitely not for socializing. Let’s see how the day progresses…


21 comments on “A year old…

  1. Kulika omwaka ne plus nga oposting ku blog yo.

    Lookin forward to mo posts abt Rhys wen he starts datin or wen u do the famous walk…..ama be here to witness.

  2. heartfelt congs but i am sure you do know that time does fly..perhaps you look back at your blogs of old and wonder, it felt like just yesterday when you started and behold…its 1 year…5 year…time, time…always flyin…

  3. 3 years and counting…Blogworld has been very very good to me…

    Thinking about what U said about telling my dad, but he would just get embarrassed…lol…I’m sure he knows…

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