Remembering the day…

Kale it has been 3 years… 3 years of having the blessing that is Rhys. Time can really fly by.

3 years since I last went to the hospital to have a growing ‘entity’ removed from my womb. 3 years since I was screaming my heart out due to the excruciating pain but at the same time dying of laughter. What could I possibly have had to laugh about at that time? The thing is, the other lady who was in the delivery room with me was busy shouting in between contractions,

“Mukama nsonyiwa. Sikyabidamu! Banange Katonda nsonyiwa.”

And ofcourse the nurses were not helping by saying,

“Wagenda yo tolaba?! Nanti mwali munyumirwa.”

It just won’t sound as good in English but basically this is it:

Chick in labour – “God please forgive me. I will not do it again. Please forgive me.”

Nurses – “You understood what you were doing at the time. Busy having a good time.”

The majority of Ugandan nurses are notoriously known for being unfriendly/ unloving although the lady who was taking care of me was actually really lovely. Though at one point, a serious contraction was hitting and she came to say something to me while touching my shoulder, I almost ate her head off. As if she didn’t know better.

But it was all worth it when at 20.15hours, my little bundle of joy was placed in my arms…

And now that it is 3 years later, I feel more blessed and all gooey inside for the joy and blessings he has brought to our lives as a family and all who know him.



23 comments on “Remembering the day…

  1. Happy Bday Rhys….

    Why do nurses act that way?? I hear its the same thing in Kenya..wonder what happens when the nurse herself is in labour 😉

  2. 😀 “Mukama nsonyiwa. Sikyabidamu! Banange Katonda nsonyiwa.” 😀 hahaha

    Happy Birthday Rhys. Lovely description too

  3. ….At the same time dying of laughter? Wow…the newest twist to this phenom that is labour.

    Lol, but those nurses are not funny at all. Munyumirwa? As if. Ugandan nurses are so unprofessional.
    They be seeing u there so I guess that gives them some power.

    Happy birthday to Rhys. Tell him Aunt Chantal sends her love. Now that he’s 3, when are u topping up on him?

  4. Man that is some pain I dont wanna go through. I wish there was another way. Kubange the thought just gives me goose pimples even with all your tales that its all worth it. Enjoy your bundle of joy

  5. I think Mothers should be told Happy Birthday on their children’s birthdays too. After all that ‘sikyabiddamu’ wailing. So Happy Birthday Sybella. And Rhys.

  6. wow happy birthday rhy’s … so that post on tandra’s blog was for you? aaah i get it now… ithought tandra had a kid… how was child bearing? my sis gave birth recently and it scares me!

  7. Syb, i have a 2 year old cousin. you tink we could betroth them now? or should we wait for when Rhy is 4? and no she is not anything like me. and in case you are wondering, she is stil chaste. what do u say?

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