Look Beneath the Surface

“Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly” (John 7:24).

We don’t realize how many times we look at someone, and in a split second, we decide if we’re going to like them or not. The scripture says that man looks at the outward appearance of others while God looks at the heart. Now, you might be thinking, “Of course, God looks at the heart, He’s God. How am I supposed to look at another person’s heart?”

You may not exactly know a person’s heart, but as Jesus said in this verse, you can look beneath the surface. You can take time to get to know someone who might look or act differently than you. Don’t just write them off because they don’t measure up to your standards. You never know how God will use the relationships in our lives.

Jesus said whatever you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done to me. In other words, when we make quick judgments about people, it’s as if we are making quick judgments about God. Don’t let that be you. Look beneath the surface. Look for the good in others and find some common ground. Before you know it, you’ll be living to bless others the way Jesus commanded.

Inspiration from Pastor Joel Osteen


Quantum of Solace!

Alright, I think there might be something amiss with my brain function that is in charge of enjoying and appreciating movies… at least concerning some movies that ideally I was supposed to have enjoyed. So I need your help.

For all who have watched the Quantum of Solace the 22nd James Bond movie, please give me your reviews of the movie.

Mwebare munonga 🙂


Okay, get your head straight. I am not going to write about seduction or give tips to people like Cheri or Carlo or even Tandra who probably need them.

My interest is the songs. Seduction Songs… the kind that lead to love making or to make love to.

I was listening to John Mayer’s ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ recently and it made me think of what songs would be on my ideal seduction playlist. A friend really likes Maxwell’s music and at one point he said that his music is perfect to make love to… Some of his songs definitely could work with the seduction. Ideally the choice of these songs would be based on the lyrics, the ‘magic’ content of the song, what you like, what your partner would be interested in… that kind of thing.

This is a tidbit of what would be on my playlist:

  • Practice What You Preach, BARRY WHITE
  • Seven Seas, BABYFACE
  • Last Night, AZ YET
  • Lost Without You, ROBIN THICKE
  • T-shirt, DESTINY’S CHILD
  • I’ll Make Love To You, BOYZ II MEN
  • The Reason, HOOBASTANK
  • Like You’ll Never See Me Again, ALICIA KEYS

What songs would work some of the magic for you?

Please note; it would be a good idea not to have the music of an artist who your partner fancies or he/she might just imagine her/him during the seduction.