Okay, get your head straight. I am not going to write about seduction or give tips to people like Cheri or Carlo or even Tandra who probably need them.

My interest is the songs. Seduction Songs… the kind that lead to love making or to make love to.

I was listening to John Mayer’s ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ recently and it made me think of what songs would be on my ideal seduction playlist. A friend really likes Maxwell’s music and at one point he said that his music is perfect to make love to… Some of his songs definitely could work with the seduction. Ideally the choice of these songs would be based on the lyrics, the ‘magic’ content of the song, what you like, what your partner would be interested in… that kind of thing.

This is a tidbit of what would be on my playlist:

  • Practice What You Preach, BARRY WHITE
  • Seven Seas, BABYFACE
  • Last Night, AZ YET
  • Lost Without You, ROBIN THICKE
  • T-shirt, DESTINY’S CHILD
  • I’ll Make Love To You, BOYZ II MEN
  • The Reason, HOOBASTANK
  • Like You’ll Never See Me Again, ALICIA KEYS

What songs would work some of the magic for you?

Please note; it would be a good idea not to have the music of an artist who your partner fancies or he/she might just imagine her/him during the seduction.


38 comments on “Seduction…

  1. That John Mayer song is in two versions, and the acoustic one is miles ahead of the other – light years, actually .
    The last one, the Alicia Keys, that’s neat. πŸ™‚

    I was hoping for more of the ssenga thingy from the title, you’re right. πŸ™‚

  2. eh 27th that was fast, I was in between editing when you commented

    i don’t do ssenga well but can hook you up with a serious one

  3. Oh my. “Dip it low” does it for u?! seriously?

    And how can u have a seduction playlist without “Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye” on it?!

    Anyways…. pop pop pop that thang…

  4. lol… dante. dip it low doesn’t have the best lyrics but it would be perfect for a lap dance or to dance to using a pole while stripping!

    had forgotten about Sexual Healing! thanks…

  5. *”and when i get that feeling I need sex……” whatever you wanna add.

    i actually would roll some mystical music. in an illustrious career you discover that the less you have to listen to lyrics the longer your mojo lasts. listen to lyrics {damn especially celine}, and come rain or high water [no pun] you will not last long out there.
    but that is not to say i dont have C.D. on my playlist; i love you and if thats what it takes.
    Gotta have track by Jewel and possibly end with a Shakira slow tune in latino /Spanish *hint [ Spanish version of “underneath your clothes”]

  6. Lemmi join the bandwagon. . .dip it low? Are you serious? Apart from thaT, I like evereything else. . .
    My list would also include. .
    Naked by Marques Houston
    Sex with you by Marques Houston

  7. 27th how did u get my words exactly outta my mouth? so gay! ok Princess? i’m starting to get scared. everytime u throw a comment i’m next in line. we gotta talk
    @ Syb
    Hoobastank? likin’ your taste

  8. lol…interesting post….sori Princess, you could have used imagination.

    Sybella, your List would certainly not work for me may be the dip it low one only…..the rest would only spoil my mood and make me even more lonely even tho they are next to’ll have to accept they are kinda sad(lame) songs.
    I’d need some stuff with more vigor and stronger lyrics like dance-hall music that allows for the dirty-dancing and touching and all the stuff….So my play list would look something like

    Sean Paul – We Be Burnin, Ever Blazin, Give It up to Me, Gimme the Light
    Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
    Elephant Man – Pon De River
    Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen, Who Am I, Girls Dem Suga
    Chaka Demus & Pliers – Tease Me
    Shabba Ranks – Ting A Ling. Mr Lover Man

    Now this would certainly get me/any one in the mood

    Sybella, Apr9, Cheri are you feeling me?

  9. I’ve just sampled yo play list…how do you even start with such music?? Me thinks it’s better for relaxing and that’s not what you do in seduction

  10. Crawling – LinkinPark
    Doin It – LL Cool J
    Hey Lover – LL Cool J
    No ordinary love – Sade
    Mind Sex – Dead Presidents
    Brown Sugar – D’Angelo
    If you were here tonight – Alexander O’Neal
    Freakin You – JODECI
    Do you ever think about me – Artful Dodger
    Heaven – Bryan Adams
    Should I go on? – Mr. B2B
    Say yes – Floetry
    He loves me – Jill Scott
    Ascencion – Maxwell
    4 page letter – Aaliyah…

    The list is long. Infact the lists are long and numerous…

    oh yeah…
    What’s your flava – Craig David as well

  11. 1. Red Rooster by Sam Cooke

    2. Who Do You Tekk by Tamia

    3. Dreaming by Selina

    4. Self Control by Laura Branagan

    5. Can I Stay with You by Karyn White

    6. In Love with You by Da Brat feat The Notorious B.I.G

    7. Is this Love by Bob Marley

    8. Brilliant Disguise by Bruce Springsteen

    9. Breathless by The Corrs

    10. Love her Madly by The Doors

    You know I could do this all day!

  12. ….o gawsh…just realized I never listened to music with seduction in mind…….or been seduced into making love by it….errr….its more like a me moment with music….and excitedly or passionately sing off key…….so I can give you list of my best performances if you like….do you like?

  13. I am assuming everyone who has given positive feedback has ever been in a situation requiring knowledge of such music.

    At least I didn’t see Miss Cheri, and Carlo…I am relieved! Naye Emi…

  14. Sybella!! What makes you think I need tips. I gat game. Honest. I’ll tell you after my honeymoon. I’ll give you a list bulungi and tell you what happened. Shoo! I don’t need no tips. ((frowning in a corner))

    Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye.

    That’s all I’m saying.

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