Quantum of Solace!

Alright, I think there might be something amiss with my brain function that is in charge of enjoying and appreciating movies… at least concerning some movies that ideally I was supposed to have enjoyed. So I need your help.

For all who have watched the Quantum of Solace the 22nd James Bond movie, please give me your reviews of the movie.

Mwebare munonga 🙂


20 comments on “Quantum of Solace!

  1. Why do people make James Bond movies? Same plot? Same story. 2 belles and a bad guy…no suspense…same ol same ol…

    Watched it long enough to lose interest in it.

    Do I have sitokisi?

  2. i have never watched but my sister who has hated it. then once we were watching tv and a preview of the movie came on. so she says, “Antipop, watch, and when you have seen all of the 2 minutes of thsi preview, you will have seen the whole movie…”

  3. I actually like James Bond. But Quantum of Solace was so-so. It wasn’t the real suave and cool Bond we know. The fight scenes were cool yeah but that’s about it. I didn’t really get the story so let me shut up for more intarekcho people to say something.

  4. haters…. I liked the movie it does make good viewing for the 1.5 hours of the movie. I only have issues with Craig, I think he does not look good enough for the new bond but probably this is because I always wanted Clive Owen to be the new bond.

    I’d recommend you to watch. The space is limited for my review

  5. That movie sucked big time! Can’t believe they wasted time andmoney. Ont he other hand, I watched Scarface last night (not my kind of movie ) but I enjoyed it.

    I think mafia movie are GOOD!!! Not spy movies.

  6. Personally…Daniel Craig doesn’t do it for me..I miss Pierce!!!!…Bond needs to be a dark haired man..no offence…ok movie I guess..

    doubt I’ll watch it over and over like the other Bonds…

    @ Nev…James Bond…rocks!!!!

  7. Thank god I am not the only one who thinks the quantum of solace was rubbish. The plot was bordering on the non existent, you cant but help feeling cheated at the end of the movie.

    The action scenes were so fast that I could not tell what I was looking at, or where i was looking. I did not enjoy them at all.

    Anybody who watched the opening sequence of Casino Royale…..that chase scene, jumping from building to building…..now that is what a good James Bond Movie should be like.

    Daniel Craig is great as the new, darker Bond, but Quantum of solace was terrible.

  8. You know, I don’t really remember what QoS was about. This Bond refresh turned out much better than i expected with Casino Royale… but QoS was plain forgettable.

    not your fault Sybella

  9. I have personally never been convinced by Craig as bond. Add to the fact that the writers have cannibalised pretty much everything that makes bond bond and made him jack bauer/ rambo, i can safely say the franchise is dead for me. Quantum of Solace was a good action romp but a poor Bond movie. The bondiest thing for me about the movie was the theme song. And who the hell thought of getting rid of Q and his gadgets? Kineke!!!

  10. These are my confessions:

    I like the new Bond. In a Bourne sort of way. They even edited the action sequences to be almost like the last Bourne.

    Sure he’s not refined and he’s not suave, but I dunno, I like it. I’m sure the series will redeem itself at some point. From most of the talk going around webspace, they’re rebooting and building the character. We’ll see how that goes.

    However, I’d like to say QoS had absolutely no plot. I think mostly because it continues straight up from Casino Royale, dude is still pissed off, wants the world to pay for his damsel etc etc.

    To show you the dude is still fresh, he didn’t even get it on with the Bond girl. Right? right?

    And then the whole “Greene Planet taking control of water supplies to facilitate a twisted global domination thingamajig” plot disappeared amidst all the fireworks and Craig’s beef for the world in general.

    We all miss Brosnan’s Bondness, but…

    Still. I’d give them the benefit of doubt. Let’s see how it shapes up.

    In summary:

    Action: 99% Plot: 5% Continuity: 30%

  11. I only watched the previews and bond should fight and come out with a suit looking like its just from teh dry cleaners. not a dirty bloody shirt. craig doesnt do it for me, neither wd clive owen. dark hair is a must, that hard look that craig has, all pumped up muscle that is more like rambo i mean bond is british, apart from the accent, the other thng that sets him aside is his body, not so built and pumped up like Tripple h or hulk wanna be. i think brad pitt wd do good. i just love brad pitt. bond’s body is tall and lean like chuck’s . lol.
    i will watch it soon but i have watched alot of the making of quantum of solace, i feel like i know the whole movie. ur reviews havent made it easy for me, am considering not watching it actually.holla

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