Look Beneath the Surface

“Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly” (John 7:24).

We don’t realize how many times we look at someone, and in a split second, we decide if we’re going to like them or not. The scripture says that man looks at the outward appearance of others while God looks at the heart. Now, you might be thinking, “Of course, God looks at the heart, He’s God. How am I supposed to look at another person’s heart?”

You may not exactly know a person’s heart, but as Jesus said in this verse, you can look beneath the surface. You can take time to get to know someone who might look or act differently than you. Don’t just write them off because they don’t measure up to your standards. You never know how God will use the relationships in our lives.

Jesus said whatever you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done to me. In other words, when we make quick judgments about people, it’s as if we are making quick judgments about God. Don’t let that be you. Look beneath the surface. Look for the good in others and find some common ground. Before you know it, you’ll be living to bless others the way Jesus commanded.

Inspiration from Pastor Joel Osteen


24 comments on “Look Beneath the Surface

  1. “When I was hungry u gave me to eat, when I was thirsty u gave me to drink, now enter into the home of my father.”

    See, I am a church girl.

    I try not to judge people. But then again, humans are likely to slip up more often than not.

    But Sy, u always do this to me. Thanks.

  2. Lol Cheri….judge not just coz she didn’t reply ur letter that don’t make her a bad lover (forgive my English)
    don’t write her off.

    Most of us a guilty of this…………its tough not to judge but if we really try we can. We wouldn’t want to be judged by others so lets not judge.

    Am also complainin sent u mail but u didn’t reply…..DECIDE

  3. @ miss cheri… i haven’t received an email from you. actually even checked my spam and there is nada there… which address did use? can never snob you like that… me and you forever 🙂 ?

    @apr9… i am guilty of not replying yours. and have replied it so by the time you wake up, you will have something to smile about…

    @nevender… a pleasure always

  4. The inspiration is quite touching,I feel totally immersed, for real………Its been so so long that I went to church (or read the bible for that matter) that this short text is having me……..uummm,can I say moved?Thanks!

  5. wrong post comment… eeeh because i am tryna read like ten blog posts at a go… quantum of solace i didnt bother, you are safe, it wasnt your fault… i heard it was wack and dint bother, mbu daniel craig should be thrown in the outbacks of hollywood and never show his face as bond again!
    and yeah, i guess if we get sensitive enough and become what god wants us to be, we will be able to see others the way he sees us.

  6. i do this all the time,look beneath the surface. am not perfect ofcourse but i have friends who have attributes i dont like but i look at their good side and take that. that way, they know what i tolerate and what i dont tolerate.i dont know does that mean they are pretending around me? i guess not.holla

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