Living Under the Rain of God

I have been going through a number things lately that have been putting me down but God is good all the time and He is faithful…

This inspiration hit home for me and thought I would share it… again. Continue to praise and worship God and be thankful even through the hard times. I’ve known that for a long time but a reminder is needed once in a while.

God longs for us to be like a well-watered garden, flourishing, full of joy, always in blossom, even during times of famine. In the Bible, the prophet Elijah experienced an extreme drought for three and half years. Even though his circumstances could have easily kept him discouraged, he activated His faith through praising God and thanking Him for all He had done. It wasn’t long before the heavens opened up and provided rain for the people in the land.

When you are in a dry spell, decide to be like Elijah and continue to give God praise. The key to staying flourished and keeping vitality in our lives during dry times is to send up praise. By praising God at all times, what happens naturally with rain accumulating in a cloud will be the same spiritually in our lives.  When you keep sending up praise, that cloud, like a rain cloud, can only hold so much before it releases and comes bursting down. It’s a cloud of God’s blessing raining down favor, keeping you protected, giving you good breaks, and making sure you are always in blossom.

When times grow difficult and thoughts of “It’s never going to change” come into your mind, that is when it’s time to switch over into praise and say, “Father, I want to thank You that You’re changing things in my favor.” Remember, God has promised to prosper us even in the desert!

Inspiration from Pastor Joel Osteen


12 comments on “Living Under the Rain of God

  1. Be Silent, kukuyu, do u sleep onthe interwebs these days?

    Sy sweetie, he is up to something good. Sometimes hurdles and distractions only serve to guide u in the right direction.

    My kid sister always tells me (whenever I have a problem of face a tough situation) that “The answer is on your knees!”

  2. i know what you mean, ive been going thorugh my share of issues too but somehow, i think am getting rid of 2008 with all its crap like a snake crawling out of old skin and getting into a new phase…its a good thinkg, am so assured as long as Hel ives i can face tomoorow and tomoorwo will be better.

  3. There is such a great cover living under the rain of God.
    All we need to do and to know is that our God is so
    good and so faithful that He can not let us down.we just
    need to get soaked in God’s unconditional, and undeserved
    The Lord bless you

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