A New Year

A number of tv stations have been reviewing 2008 and the majority of it has been doom and gloom. For me there has been some sad moments but the majority was good and even through the bad, I could feel God’s presence with His guiding hand telling me that everything will be alright and it always was.

How was 2008 for you?

Have a blessed 2009 everyone…


11 comments on “A New Year

  1. Glad the year is over………was reflecting and its been a year today. Its been a tough year……pray ’09 is the year.

    A worthwhile ’09 to u Sy and ur family, a big hug for Rhys…….i missed u call.

  2. As at now, I think 2008 was a good year, quite challenging and 2009, starts off in shit.Hope The 360 days will fly sooooo fast!
    Have a blessed 2009 too!

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