On my route to work everyday, there is a corner where a number of dogs reside. Lately whenever I pass by this particular spot, they are out of their residence, on the road playing around or at times busy scuffling over some food.

Today though was unique morning for them. It seems like it might be the heat season for the dogs. Now the problem is that it looks like there is only one bitch in this bunch and today all the other dogs, about 4 of them, were surrounding the bitch and 3 of them were trying to mount her. It was just amazing because she seemed kawa with it all. Just moving around a bit and not going far while the male dogs were just crowding her and continuously trying to out compete the other to get some action.  The 4th dog just kept on barking on the side, probably not amused that he was not part of the action or maybe bored and trying to tell his buddies,

” Leave the bitch alone guys, lets go chase a car!”

I wondered if men actually feel that way when they are around a hot kyana. A scenario came to mind at that point, a hot kyana like Ciara/Halle Berry/or any lady who you consider hot at a bar and four guys just around her, some sitting and others standing. A screen is placed before this scenario which transforms all the humans into dogs. What came to mind is exactly what was going on with those dogs!

Enjoy the rest of the week my peoples.

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Nothing Can Hold You Back

“The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree…” (Psalm 92:12).

Have you ever seen a palm tree in the midst of a great storm or hurricane? That tree may be bent so far over that it’s almost touching the ground, but when the wind finally stops, that palm tree bounces right back up. And do you know that while that palm tree is hunched over under the pressure of the storm, it is actually growing stronger?

The reason God said we’d flourish like a palm tree is because He knew there would be difficult times. He knew things would come against us to try to steal our joy and victory. God said, “You’re going to be like a palm tree because the storms of life will come, the winds will blow, but you are going to come right back up again stronger than before.” Nothing can hold you back! No weapon formed against you will ever prosper. No matter what’s happening in the world around you, keep standing. Keep praying. Keep believing. Your brightest days are right out in front of you, and God’s plan is to bring you blessing and victory all the days of your life.

Inspiration from Pastor Joel Osteen


Idiotic men are lucky that some of us of the female species do not have:

A. Guns

B. Weapons like tazer guns

C. Super hero Powers, most importantly

Now let’s get something straight before I go on, “idiotic men” means men who are idiots and not that I am calling all men idiots. Understood? Now moving on…

To get to the heart of the matter, during a recent evening this week, after having a wonderful time chilling with my girls, I was in the park making my way to the taxi with a considerable amount of migugu, looking forward to getting home to my wonderful baby boy when I feel something on my butt. After a few seconds I realize that a guy has just deliberately touched my butt. The guy disappeared in the throng of people and taxis, that is the organized chaos that is the old taxi park . And it was a dark night.

At that point, all I wanted to do was scream WHAT THE FUCK! What the fuck is wrong with such idiotic men?! Do they think that just because one look at me makes them horny it gives them the right to just touch me! Even he doesn’t just touch my butt just like that or wherever because he knows how I feel about it.

On my way home, all I could think about was what I would have done had I had the powers I have always admired in a superhero: Jean Grey’s a.k.a. The Phoenix of the X-Men. Take your pick of whichever form of revenge you think would have been best:

*Slowly lift him off the ground and send him straight to where the LRA rebels are hiding and put on him a sign that says, YES I HATE KONY AND WANT HIM DEAD.

*Get into his mind and brainwash him into thinking that he is impotent for at least 2 years as punishment. After this time lapse, warn him that if he ever disrespected any woman in any way or even thinks of it, all his bits will fall off.

*Give him nightmares of the feeling of constantly being circumcised while he has a hard on.

*Lift his idiotic self to the middle of a desert with only skunk’s urine as his means of food and water.

Ok, I don’t think these really seem vengeful enough but I was seriously upset about it. He even has got me to curse on my blog which I never do and yet this is a UNIVERSAL blog. 🙂

I guess there is something that is just not registering or has Never registered in my nut, guys, why do those idiotic men do something like that? This is a virtual stranger who does not deserve such disrespect. Someone kindly educate me.