Idiotic men are lucky that some of us of the female species do not have:

A. Guns

B. Weapons like tazer guns

C. Super hero Powers, most importantly

Now let’s get something straight before I go on, “idiotic men” means men who are idiots and not that I am calling all men idiots. Understood? Now moving on…

To get to the heart of the matter, during a recent evening this week, after having a wonderful time chilling with my girls, I was in the park making my way to the taxi with a considerable amount of migugu, looking forward to getting home to my wonderful baby boy when I feel something on my butt. After a few seconds I realize that a guy has just deliberately touched my butt. The guy disappeared in the throng of people and taxis, that is the organized chaos that is the old taxi park . And it was a dark night.

At that point, all I wanted to do was scream WHAT THE FUCK! What the fuck is wrong with such idiotic men?! Do they think that just because one look at me makes them horny it gives them the right to just touch me! Even he doesn’t just touch my butt just like that or wherever because he knows how I feel about it.

On my way home, all I could think about was what I would have done had I had the powers I have always admired in a superhero: Jean Grey’s a.k.a. The Phoenix of the X-Men. Take your pick of whichever form of revenge you think would have been best:

*Slowly lift him off the ground and send him straight to where the LRA rebels are hiding and put on him a sign that says, YES I HATE KONY AND WANT HIM DEAD.

*Get into his mind and brainwash him into thinking that he is impotent for at least 2 years as punishment. After this time lapse, warn him that if he ever disrespected any woman in any way or even thinks of it, all his bits will fall off.

*Give him nightmares of the feeling of constantly being circumcised while he has a hard on.

*Lift his idiotic self to the middle of a desert with only skunk’s urine as his means of food and water.

Ok, I don’t think these really seem vengeful enough but I was seriously upset about it. He even has got me to curse on my blog which I never do and yet this is a UNIVERSAL blog. 🙂

I guess there is something that is just not registering or has Never registered in my nut, guys, why do those idiotic men do something like that? This is a virtual stranger who does not deserve such disrespect. Someone kindly educate me.


24 comments on “Aaaaarghhh

  1. i guess i can’t compete with all these bad-side issues…

    and lucky for him that… wait…

    in the possibly related posts, it says that Goodness is related…
    i wouldn’t really think so, but hey i’m just saying!!!

    and yeah….

    i think you generally don’t like being touched for just just… by some chap who doesn’t know you…
    but who does anyways…???

  2. “I guess there is something that is just not registering or has Never registered in my nut,”

    for a moment there i froze when i read that part, mbu yo nut, ha!!

  3. Bambi poor you. I’m sure Junior wondered what was up wit Ma Sy.

    Those possibly related posts are …

    The part in X Men where Ororo Munroe (a.k.a Storm) asks the Toad guy, “do you know what happens to toads when they are struck by lightning?”…

  4. How about…how about you go catch AIDS from somewhere then you say “Yes” to the idiot who touched your buttock. That way you’ll give him the disease. Nice one, huh?

    *What! I’m just saying.

  5. Scenario:

    Guy checks out Kapapala
    His mind springs into action.
    Village tendencies overide normal reasoning capacities.
    Brain sends signals to half baked brain for Mission at hand. Message received. He decodes the message.
    The task at hand is to go stealthly and take a juicy squeeze at aforementioned Kapapala.
    He moves in quickly, takes a squeeze and vanishes.
    Mission accomplished.
    Objective achieved? ZERO?!!
    Purpose? ZERO
    Guy consults his half baked brain but gets no response. He goes home bewildered and kicks his neighbours dog.

    Its better to laugh at his stupidity than get worked up about it annoying as it may be.

  6. OOOwwwiee Syb….I’m in total agreement and I love the methods of revenge…skunk juice?? Too good for him (Love for Pepe le Pew)

    But I also hate bn touched by stranger…he should have had an immediate shrivellment of his member….infact methinks that shud be automatic..everytime a guy does something stupid and disrespectful like that, a few inches gradually disappear till he’s left with NOTHING!!!

    Hope the Rant made you feel better….and knowing that Rhys will grow up to be more respectful.

  7. i know i met this guy with a firend of his, and on intriduction the bugger does that finger thing as he greets me… you uy! if i didnt have the migugu and the smile and pleasantries i was sharing, i sure would have beaten him upside his head! and yup i have been tapped on the bat by them lousy guys… oh, i wished for hail and brimestone on them!

  8. i have hit 3 such idiots on diff occasions. one even grabbed my butt as i alighted from the taxi. I calmly stepped back in, slapped him hard, and walked back out. thisng is tho, i forgot my shs 200 change with the conductor! bugger!

  9. Blanket condemnation of men. May be he didnt even touch you intentionally. U know walking in these congested streets of ours well you get into contact with alot of people. So could you give the person some benefit of doubt. May be it was a lady did u ever think of that.

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