On my route to work everyday, there is a corner where a number of dogs reside. Lately whenever I pass by this particular spot, they are out of their residence, on the road playing around or at times busy scuffling over some food.

Today though was unique morning for them. It seems like it might be the heat season for the dogs. Now the problem is that it looks like there is only one bitch in this bunch and today all the other dogs, about 4 of them, were surrounding the bitch and 3 of them were trying to mount her. It was just amazing because she seemed kawa with it all. Just moving around a bit and not going far while the male dogs were just crowding her and continuously trying to out compete the other to get some action.  The 4th dog just kept on barking on the side, probably not amused that he was not part of the action or maybe bored and trying to tell his buddies,

” Leave the bitch alone guys, lets go chase a car!”

I wondered if men actually feel that way when they are around a hot kyana. A scenario came to mind at that point, a hot kyana like Ciara/Halle Berry/or any lady who you consider hot at a bar and four guys just around her, some sitting and others standing. A screen is placed before this scenario which transforms all the humans into dogs. What came to mind is exactly what was going on with those dogs!

Enjoy the rest of the week my peoples.

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21 comments on “Dogs

  1. When men are around a hott kyana, depending on their respective ages…

    3-10: Who is she and why are there many guys around her…She must owe them a dime
    11-17: who is she? she is so hott! Lemme go introduce myself and get her digits
    18-25: Hmmmn she looks familiar… she is hott too… lemme ask my boi if he knows her…
    26-33: Hmmmn she is still hott, even after i dumped her
    33-40: She is hott, but nowadays the hott chics are so many… i wonder if she can cook proper matooke…
    41-47: hmmmn…. God still has skillz…. mad skillz…

    and yeah
    Socks Suuuckazz (again)

  2. @B2B……..i would never have guessed wat goes on in guys nuts.

    Sy u just said MEN are DOGS………like dogs they never leave the babe(also called Bitch if they can’t get u).

  3. @Mr.B2B… thank you for that perspective

    @Val… hey. is the cold still mistreating you?

    @Cheri… yeah, there are many aspects of me that sometimes do come out

    @jny23ug… he did?

    @3… lol… i know

    @April… they are not all dogs, that scene just came to mind

    @Erique… could have been

    @Tandra… eh eh, like you. aren’t you one of my peoples?!

    @Princess… yeah

  4. @Apr
    Feels like its my joint huh!!
    Yeah, you would never have guessed…. sometimes women (like men) think way too much…

    Sorry for taking over your joint

    Ahem Ahem
    no actually, i am participating!!!

  5. @Be Silent… wamma he does

    @Mr.B2B… hmmm. you are forgiven

    @Iwaya… for someone who usually has a lot to say, is that all?

    @Uganda girl… lol… what was the attraction for the dogs?

    @antipop… i plead ignorance

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