Celebration of Love

For all those who have good loving partners put your hands up… actually stand up, acknowledge them, appreciate them and thank our Heavenly Father for them. He/She is not in any way to be taken for granted.

He sent me one rose on Monday and a hand written letter asking me to his valentine. I love hand written letters and beautiful words. He did not take it for granted that even if we have been together for all this time it would be automatic. Then yesterday he came to my office with some more roses and chocolate just because it was a Tuesday. Yeah, I know Tandra, he makes them look bad.

Now while I was on my home in the evening, on seeing the roses a guy who sat next to me in the taxi and I had had one of the weirdest conversations in my life. Weird not because of the content of the conversation but because he was a stranger, thus someone who I had obviously never met and yet we talked like we were old friends.

The thing that he said which struck me the most was,

“You are lucky to have someone.”

He is right but to me it is more that I am blessed rather than luck. He is so so so much and then some more.












God fearing

A good listener



Delicious (you need to kiss him to understand that 😉 )

And this is just a tip of the iceberg to describe who he is…

My warrior, my baby and I am proud to call him my wonderful man.

437 always…


16 comments on “Celebration of Love

  1. You are luck darling that’s all i can say. The way you sound about it he must be a good man, one not to be taken for guaranteed. It is such a beautiful feeling to have a man who adores you.

    I happen to be married for all the unmarrieds out there and one good tip that i give you……. get married to a man who adores you and no matter the conflicts you have in life, you will be that one woman he cant do without ofcourse respect and care will come automatically from such a man.

    Well sybella i wish you only the best “ever afters” with this man

  2. So u r passing him around for kissing so we know how delicious he is?

    That man is a keeper………i’ve nugu but in the most beautiful way. He’s blessed to ve u for a mate.

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