Last Saturday, I went for the Stanbic Bank AUTO & HOME Show like thousands of other people. I really really like cars so definitely did resist. So I ventured to the Spear Motors tent/ display area. Now the Spear Motors show room/ offices are places that I dare not to visit because at the moment I cannot afford any of their cars (the cheapest probably about $35,000) and I so do not believe in getting a loan for a car which depreciates in value with time.

Anyway, there were cards on the cars which  indicated the cost of the cars in US  Dollars. What really grabbed my attention was the 10% deposit also indicated on these cards. The gentleman in charge was busy with some other peeps so I asked one of the ladies at their desk about the 10%.  And she confirmed that all one needed to pay is 10% of the total value and the rest can be paid in installments over a period of 5 years. I was like wow, that seems like a good deal.

After this, I was trying to diplomatically run away by letting her know that the cars I was interested in were not there so I would visit their offices one of these days but she was not relenting and asked me which ones I wanted. Ko me, the Jeep and she said it is $80,000 and they would get it for me in 3 weeks. Then I asked her about my dream car, the M Class  which she said was  90,000 Euros. The price was even in Euros and not dollars. I was like eh mama, my car be cool like that! But seriously, 90,000 Euros on a car! Yes I will eventually get to that point where it will be as if champ change but for now, nah.

The interesting thing bit was that she called over the sales guy when he was finally free and the guy was seriously giving me details about the car including providing me with a booklet/ brochure. After I left, I wondered, did I look loaded enough to seriously consider buying that car?! Maybe it was the clothes I was wearing that day. But it did feel good to be perceived in that way.

In other news, before I left the house that day, Rhys said to me,

” Mommy, you are nice.”

Ko his Kaka,

“She is nice or she looks nice?”

The he said,

“Mommy you look nice.”

I thought that was sweet. Guess that confirms that it was the clothes that made me look loaded.


11 comments on “Loaded!

  1. Sweety send a pic……….

    The guys know good customer service and besides u knew wat u were talkin about…….maybe the clothes had just a lil bit to do with it but not entirely………..u must ve looked foreign

    It sure is a good feeling…………so wen do u start making a payment plan on ur dream car?

  2. Man, i was leaning towards the ” u r nice”… Now that would be sweeeet… hug Rhys for me, okay???

    See those sales’ people finally paid attention to the whole ‘its not how u look:” ting…

  3. i was also at the car show, and i was wearing my newest Timbalands…
    and clean CNN jeans(jus like Ivan)
    and no one even attempted to proposition me, let alone offer me a sales pitch!

    that other news sounds so nice!(sorry for stealing Rhys’ words)

  4. Ah! Those auto idiots disappointed me. How could they fail to display a Range Rover? A pic is all they could do? All else cars were crap. No offense. Including your dream Mercedes. No offense. It’s bullcrap. No offense.

  5. loaded is not in the clothes maam. it is about how you carry yourself in said clothes. i went car shopping in two bit rags, i got full attention of the sales manager anyway. give self props. you are getting “there”. *wherever there, is.*

  6. I guess the reason they gave u the price of the ML in Euros was because this is a European car while the Jeep is American. Besides this shudnt be huge. the difference is small if you work out the rates A US$ to a Euro

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