Rhys, a genius

My son can write his name. I said, MY SON CAN WRITE HIS NAME! On his own, not tracing dots or something like. As you can clearly tell, I am so excited about this.

Most of you are probably wondering why it is such a big deal since his name is only 4 letters long but the name I am talking about is his other Christian name which is eight letters long. I am so proud of him. At what age are most children able to do that? Well I am officially declaring that Rhys is a genius. Don’t hate Tandra.


10 comments on “Rhys, a genius

  1. Awww…u must be a proud mummy. And rightly so, my cousin is 6 and she can’t write her 5 letter name NZIZA correctly. Sometimes the “Z” is a “5” or “S”. This Educ system here just teaches people to look for talents.

  2. aren’t you the lucky one. I have an 11 year old brother and you have to beat his name out of him. He just can’t write it!. He says he would rather stay home and play football. I am at the end of my tether here. Congs Kikazi

  3. Bet Rhys is sitting there all smug n stuff while his mom writes this post.

    Give him a hi5 for me.

    @Cheri, That Nziza is writing Leet. Look it up. She’s going to be a geek, lol.

  4. Am expecting a postcard with Rhys name all over it ofcourse u are the one to buy it.

    Kati while am here let me remind u that B2B tagged u…….so bambi telling us some truths already.

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