Honesty tagging…

I was tagged by Mr. B2B and Tandra. I guess everyone now knows the rules so I don’t need to go into detail.

Some truths about myself…

1. I am very shy. Most people are actually surprised about this when they do find out about this because when I do meet most people, I seem to have it all together but it is a ‘front’.

2. In a state of pain, feeling of total abondment, great amount of sorrow and massive confusion about what lay ahead in the future, I was tempted to convert to Islam when I was in high school. Imagine that!

3. One of my most embarrassing moments is the time I almost drowned when my swimming was really bad and I headed out into the deep end of the pool. A friend actually had to help me out of that fix. Mbu I was trying to show off to impress the boys.

4. I do not like my Christian name.

5. At one point in my life, the thought of being a lesbian was very appealing.

6. Friendship is very important to me. I am closer to and love some of my friends more than I do my sister. Over the weekend, we were discussing the issue of being a surrogate mother and I realized that I would do it for a number of friends for whom that would be their only option of having biological children.

7. I love the number 7. I guess that is a bit obvious…

8. Perfume is not my thing so I hardly ever wear it, probably like once in 4 months.

9. I love to be impulsive once in a while. It kind of gives me a thrill. Kind of like doing something semi dangerous just for the thrill of it.

10. Any day of the week, I would pick the cozy option of chilling at home infront of the tv watching a movie with him over going to a club.\

This was actually hard.

Tagging with pleasure: Tumwi, Modo, Savvy08, Spartakuss


20 comments on “Honesty tagging…

  1. something about Ugandan female bloggers and lesbianism….

    yo not the first that am reading who has/tried/appeal/kissed/wanted/……..


    this is fun..shouldnt u have told us more of that….Me i like such lugambo.

  2. U don’t like ur Christian name?

    U would ve been the guy if u were a lesbian……..i rber ur tomboyish dress code too well.

    Will U carry my baby?………..

    And u love RED LIPSTICK(not just any red but BRIGHT RED)

  3. i want to comment on nearly everything but four months without perfume?…i would die!!!!i am like big time perfume freak!!!

    your list is sooo interesting

  4. I love perfume. I could be having 3 or more brands of deoderant and 3 types of perfumes!

    It was an interesting thing, sorry about your almost drowning…I love swimming.

  5. Nkulamusiza nyabo.

    Welcome to the name hating club. I hate my middle name with such passion, that I would wish it on my worst enemy.

    Also, u don’t use perfume? Shock, horror. Do u use a deo/spray? Just asking.

    N’ekindi, ninyija hampero y’omwezi gukwija. Ninja’kurora.

  6. Sometimes, I also want to be this hot, sexy lesbian then I get told you have to be a woman to start with and that kills my fantasy right there. lol

    I got No 10 in common with ya too.

    And oh, I’m Muslim!

    It’s fate! Let’s get married.

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