I haven’t spoken to, hugged, played with, disagreed with, made noise with, tickled… all the mom-son lovey dovey stuff with my boy for 36 hours!

I last had any interaction with him on Thurday evening at 11pm. I left him enjoying sleep on Friday morning and got back home at 3am on Saturday morning, leaving him at 8am once again enjoying sleep. Imagine!

I miss my baby… I have to get home early today.

In other news, my delicious black evening bag was stolen at the Sheraton last night. Imagine! We were at a friend’s wedding and some person snatched it off the table while we were boogying away. Two phones stolen in just over 1 year! The thing that hurt was that that bag was a gift from a close friend and I treasured it.

But I guess bibawo…

Y’all have a fabulous week and new month which will usher Foxylamb into married life.


8 comments on “Imagine!

  1. sorry sybella, i feel yo pain
    they should have taken my nokia 1110 instead o yo iphone…
    but, go see yo boy n have anice weekend too.

  2. Kati all those hours where were you………………? am just wondering out loud.

    Kitalo ekisiimu yo……….my one fell in the water.

  3. sorry about your loss and aww time away from your son must be killing ya, i cant saybi understand but i see my sis running home from work forfeiting all for her boy and i see WHAT MUMMY HOOD DOES

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