Have you ever seen a white man with an African-good round butt? I saw one today morning in Uchumi supermarket and thought I would share.

Unfortunately I was not walking around with a camera, no pic to share so your imagination will just have to work.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend.

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Negligence at Mulago!

I am stark raving mad. Unhappy. Sad. Felling very very very vengeful but do not have a particular person or people to throw my vengeance at so I will just throw it at the whole institution.

A friend, Lily, was expecting her second child within the last few days. When her contractions started she went to Mulago Hospital where she had registered to have the baby. Now Lily is not a pushy chick who knows what she wants and can stand in a crowd screaming her head off if she needed to get the attention. So when she got to the hospital, as many people know, Mulago is a general-happiness place and the best way to get the medical personnel’s attention is by giving them some paper which is highly valuable. Lily is there in pain and mbu there are not enough doctors so no one is really paying attention to her so she waits in pain.

After a while, she tells peeps I am in serious pain. Some medical students are assigned to her. On checking her, they realize that the baby is not in the right position to be born. But they tell her everything will be alright and she will deliver the baby normally. She begs them to take her to the theater and have a caesarean birth so that her baby can survive. Do they listen? No instead turn her into a medical experiment. And the baby also wants to get out into the world and so she makes her entrance by shoving her arm out. Even at this point the doctors are still moving like snails and yet it is an emergency but finally do take her to the theater. In the mean time, Lily is gently touching her baby’s hand which is responding and therefore comforts her that the baby is alive and alright.

After almost 10 hours of this drama, she inevitably blacks out. But just before she does, she hears one of the doctors say,

“Do you really thing the baby is going to survive all of this?”

And she didn’t.

Her baby died.

Not because she did something wrong during her pregnancy.

Not because she was careless by maybe having that red wine that was so tempting.

Not because it was an unwanted pregnancy and therefore she decided to terminate it.


It was because of those bloody f****** at those hospitals who couldn’t get off their bloody asses and do their jobs!

Why are they there?!  We  would rather have an empty hospital and know that we shouldn’t bother going there because there is no help to be gotten from there!