Have you ever seen a white man with an African-good round butt? I saw one today morning in Uchumi supermarket and thought I would share.

Unfortunately I was not walking around with a camera, no pic to share so your imagination will just have to work.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend.

By Sybella Posted in Just

16 comments on “Yeah…

  1. Africa-good butt

    You know, compound adjectives rock my world. Especially ones that cool. “African-good”. Now, that is Sybella-good.

    When I get me a good camera, I’m walking with it all the bloody time. 🙂

  2. All who haave seen a white woman with an African good round butt rise you hands…….

    (Hands up)I have seen one….i honestly have…lol

  3. @Ug Girl, ive seen one. Actually a couple of them.
    Looks like the Ug diet of matooke, busheera, and Nile
    special is doing them good.

    About the Africa-good round male butt i dont wanna. Maybe G*G

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